Aug 23, 2005

Vail Vision August 24, 2005

Welcome to the Vail Vision “ An email publication of SOMETHING SOMETHING Church. What a great time we had on Sunday night discussing SOMETHING: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet... (Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II) It was clear at the meeting that everyone was excited and everyone had an opinion about SOMETHING! The following names were considered:
  • Christ Lutheran Vail “ "This answers the question, who, what and where..
  • Family of Faith Lutheran Church “ "we are one family.., "We have the faith to plunge ahead.., "We are family friendly..
  • Resurrection of Christ Church (ROCC) “ "This church ROCCs.., "Trust in the ROCC.., "cool acronym..
  • Vail Church “ "Simple.., "Doesn't say that we are Christian, could be any church..
  • Church of the Rincons “ "The Rincons .., "Is there another church with this name?.., sounds rugged.
  • Church of the Rincon Valley, Church of the Rincon Hills, "too long of a name?..,
  • Christ's Family Church (or Family of Christ Lutheran Church) “ "Focus is on Christ, and not location.., "Acronym could cause problems “ FOC..
  • Church of the Vine “ "Christ is the vine, we are the branches... "We are reaching out to others.., "Did someone mention wine?..
  • Cienega Valley Lutheran Church “ "We are in the Cienega Valley...
The top three by ballot vote were:
  • Family of Christ (or Christ's Family)
  • Family of Faith
  • Christ Lutheran Vail
Lord willing, we may vote on our name this Sunday. Think of SOMETHING all week and be prepared to give your input on Sunday. Also, give some thought to a Mission Statement. What is the mission of our mission? Let's toss around some ideas. There were over 40 people in attendance including 13 children / youth. What an awesome group! I want to briefly update you on other current events. On Sunday night we studied, "Workers in the Vineyard.. (Matthew 20:1-16). Are we not equal in God's sight no matter when we come to faith? This Sunday will end our series on the parables with "The Ten Virgins.. (Matthew 25:1-13). How will you prepare for the Bridegroom? "In-Home Fund-Raising Dinners.. “ We are looking for people who are willing to host a Dinner in their home. These have been extremely popular in the past. Basically, you prepare a menu, invite people, cook and serve the meal. What a great opportunity to meet people! The guests are invited to give a free-will offering and all donations will be matched by Thrivent and go to the Vail Mission! The Schedule of Events is still as follows:
  • October 30, Jeff Rohlwing Concert
  • November 6, First Worship Service
  • November worship “ work out the bugs!!
  • December 24, Christmas Eve service
I met with the Religious Leaders on Thursday, August 18. The Vail School District is going to engage Kevin Leman to present a workshop about Family Values at Cienega High School on Wednesday, September 21. We are invited to publicize the event, have a booth at the event, and have a breakout session after Dr. Leman's presentation. We will be involved in this and will be a great way to get our church known to people in the Vail area. If you have any ideas, let me know. We have almost all of the Ministry Positions filled. The two remaining positions are Nursery and High School Youth. If you know of someone I should contact, let me know. I am excited about the people who have volunteered for the positions. They appear to be a great fit for the job! Dick Phillips had a successful surgery. This week Larry Unger will be having surgery on his back. We praise God for his goodness and pray for a quick and successful operation on Larry. Chris and Tiffany Sandison had a baby boy on August 8th. His name is Cade Scott and he was born 6 lbs 6 oz and 18-1/4.. inches tall. Praise God for new life! That is it for now. Blessings on your day. If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me. It is a joy to be working with all of you. David Hook, Vicar Vail Mission An outreach ministry of Fountain of Life Lutheran Church, School and Day Care

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