Sep 7, 2005

Vail Vision September 7, 2005

Greetings in the name of our Risen Savior, Jesus.

You may notice a few changes to the Email Newsletter.   The editorial staff of Christ Lutheran Vail is continually striving to improve the image of our church.   Once we have worked out the bugs on this newsletter, we will begin sending it out to as many people as we can.   If you know of someone who should receive this email, let me know their email address and we will begin sending it to them.  

The big news of the day is that we have a web site.   The new site is You may view site by simply clicking on the link.   Because we do not have bricks and mortar, this will help describe our mission to the outside world.   The website has a calendar so that we can keep our group up-to-date on all the events of Christ Lutheran Vail.   If you have an event that should be posted on the calendar, send me an email with the information.     If you have any comments or suggestions about the website, please feel free to contact me.   I will forward this information to the website development committee.   The website information changes daily, so don't just look at it once and then never look again.   You won't want to miss out on the pertinent, revealing, and yes, sometimes, pithy, information that is posted.  

This weekend we will be continuing our study on prayer.   I hope you all continue to pray for the refugees from hurricane Katrina.   I can't even imagine what it would be like to relocate to a different city because the one I was living in wasn't there anymore.  

One final word.   On Sunday, Fountain of Life will be performing a Patriots Day Concert.   Vail's gifted pianist Cathy Cmiel is in charge of this event.   The concert begins at 3:00 and should be completed by 4:00.   We will still continue to have our weekly dinner and Bible study on the Cienega campus.   After the Bible study, we will have a brief presentation on small group ministries.  

Thanks to all of you for the work you are doing at Christ Lutheran Vail.   It is a joy and a blessing to working with such a great group of people.


Vicar David

The Jeff Rohlwing Concert will be Sunday evening, October 30th at Cienega High School Auditorium.   Think of who you can personally invite to the concert.   Jeff is an amazing artist with a gift for writing and performing music.   This will be an event you simply cannot miss!   More details on Jeff are available on his website:  

Home Improvement IV is the name of the conference featuring Dr. Kevin Leman. I will be presenting a workshop entitled "The Dating Game.. or "The Gait from Date to Mate:   Advice for teens in a sexually-charged America...   Talk this up with your neighbors and invite them to this great community event.   We will reserve some tickets, but the Cienega High School Auditorium can seat up to 800 “ so invite everyone.  

We have almost all of the Ministry Positions filled.   The two remaining positions are Nursery and High School Youth.   If you know of someone I should contact, let me know.   I am excited about the people who have volunteered for the positions.   They appear to be a great fit for the job!   If you are a ministry leader, I would like to meet with you over the next few weeks.

"In-Home Fund-Raising Dinners.. “ Many people have signed up to be host/hostesses.   On Sunday you can sign up to attend one of the meals.   What a great opportunity to have good Christian fellowship.   The slots are filling up quickly, so be looking for the sign-up sheet.

On Sunday we will start Part II of our Bible Study on Matthew 6:5-13.   Prayer is such an important part of a Christian's life.     We continually seek God's guidance in prayer as we move forward with the Vail Mission.   We will discuss the Sunday prayer, "Hallowed be thy name...   Dinner will be served as usual.

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