Nov 9, 2005

Vail Vision November 10, 2005

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

What a great opening service we had on Sunday. I had many people tell me that this was a moving and uplifting worship service. Now that we have begun to worship, we will fine-tune any of the wrinkles and keep improving. Many thanks to all who made this Sunday a huge success.

There is one issue that needs to be addressed as we begin worship on Sunday morning in Vail “ the offering.

As all of you know, Christ Lutheran Vail is an outreach ministry of Fountain of Life Lutheran Church (FOL). Even though we have our own name, we are still operating under the legal structure of FOL. This provides huge benefits. First and foremost, the costs of starting a mission are great and FOL has committed a substantial amount of its normal operating budget and a portion of their recent capital campaign to pay for the facilities and staff. But FOL is also providing behind-the-scene items such as printing, secretarial and administrative staff, CCLI licensing (to reproduce words to songs in the bulletins), insurance, and much, much more. The costs of all these items would dramatically increase the annual operating budget of Christ Lutheran Vail if we had to pay for them.

For this reason, Christ Lutheran Vail will continue to operate as an outreach ministry of Fountain of Life for the foreseeable future. Eventually, it is likely that the mission will form its own independent congregation, but the longer this can be held off, the more strength and stability the mission will have.

Which brings us back to the topic of the offering. Any offering collected at Christ Lutheran Vail will be placed into the general fund of Fountain of Life. The accounting staff will keep track of offerings from both campuses, but it all goes into one pot. If you are a regular member of Fountain of Life and you give your offering while visiting Christ Lutheran Vail, your offering will still make it back to Fountain of Life. Because we hope to have many FOL visitors, this makes perfect sense. If you intend to be a regular member of Christ Lutheran Vail, rest assured that your money is going to the Vail mission because for now, we are taking in less money than the true cost of the mission.

However, if you desire to make a specific donation to Christ Lutheran Vail, you may do so. This would be for people who desire to make a contribution to Vail over and above their normal offering. This can be done by stating the words "Special Offering Vail Mission.. in the memo portion of the check or by specifically designating on the offering envelope that this money is to go to Vail. This money will go into the special Vail account that has been set up for the mission.

So when you make out a check at either campus, it should be made out to "Fountain of Life Lutheran Church... I know that this will be confusing to visitors at Christ Lutheran Vail, but I will place a note in each regular Sunday bulletin explaining why it is necessary to make out the check in this fashion. There is no legal entity "Christ Lutheran Vail.., so a check made out to that name could potentially be unredeemable.

From a personal note, I am tremendously blessed to have leadership and pastoral support from the Fountain of Life campus. The opportunity to work with these wonderful men of God is priceless. Many mission pastors long for the support from a mother church or the opportunity for pastor-to-pastor interaction on a regular basis. The model that Fountain of Life is using is fantastic because this provides for the support and feedback that the mission pastor desperately needs. I encourage you to maintain this relationship as long as possible.

Blessings on your day. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Vicar David Hook

Advent Worship this year will be a sermon series entitled, "The Five Love Languages... This series is about the many ways that God shows His love to us. It is loosely based on the best-selling books by Gary Chapman on the five love languages. This advent series will begin on November 27th and continue through Christmas Eve. If you know anyone who is struggling in a relationship because they are unsure whether they are loved, then this series is a must for them. Invite them to come learn during Advent and join us for Christmas Eve.

Calendar The Schedule of Events is still as follows:
November 13 “ Got Milk?
November 20 “ First Fruits.
November 27 “ December 18, Advent Worship
December 24, Christmas Eve service

Christmas Eve Service. “ We will celebrate a Christmas Eve service in Cienega High School Auditorium at 7:00 PM, December 24th. We are inviting members of the community to join with us to sing in a "community choir... As you talk to your neighbors, see if any of them can sing and invite them to join with us. Details to follow in later issues of the Vision.

VBS Vacation Bible School “ Jennifer Hook has reviewed the Jerusalem Marketplace Spring VBS and it looks great! Kids will have a great time learning what it would have been like living in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus. We have set a tentative date of March 20 “ 24, 2006. This week corresponds to the spring break at all the Vail schools. If you would like to help with the VBS, either with crafts, music, shepherding, setup, or whatever, please contact Jennifer at .

Small Group Ministry “ When we begin worship on Sunday morning, we will no longer be meeting on Sunday night. To continue with that "family.. atmosphere, small groups will be created who will meet at various people's homes. Larry Unger will be providing the list at an upcoming meeting.

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