Nov 2, 2005

Vail Vision November 3, 2005

Hallelujah. God is Good. All the Time.

The Jeff Rohlwing concert was a GREAT evening. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the evening. The praise band, "Glad Song.. did a great job. Thanks to all of you who brought cookies and punch. Thanks to Randy and the praise band for your hard work. What a wonderful God we have. God is good. All the time.

In my last Vail Vision, I alluded to the subject of property. Two weeks ago, Pastor Michaelson, Dick Phillips and I met with a developer who controls approximately 600 acres in Vail. Members of Vail had met with him before. He is still interested in partnering with us, but is not sure how the best way to do that. We are still praying that he will simply donate some land to the mission. But he is in disagreement with the County over the zoning and this may not ultimately be the best solution for Christ Lutheran Vail. His recommendation was that we should purchase land as soon as we can. This gives us many more options.

When we were in Phoenix for the Lutheran Church Extension Fund meeting, several people suggested the same thing- GET LAND. There is a group out of California who can assist us. They are the Church Development Partners (CDP). This is a not-for-profit organization that works with LCMS churches to find land. They work with the planners, architects, commercial real estate brokers, the county, and developers to create development scenarios where churches can obtain land for greatly reduced costs. In fact, in Chino Valley, Arizona, a new church is about to close on a plan that will give them approximately 8 acres of land and seed money to begin building.

We contacted Church Development Partners to see if the services they provide are a good fit with Christ Lutheran Vail. The discussions went well and so we presented this to the leadership of Fountain of Life to decide if this was a path that we should take. It is important to note that there is no financial obligation or liability at this point. These discussions also went well, so the decision was made to proceed with CDP to obtain land.

We have contacted CDP and given them the notice to proceed. They are beginning work. Now, that they have begun, we will need to keep something in mind. It is imperative that all communications about land or developers go through CDP. They need to be the contact point for all land and development matters for Christ Lutheran Vail. For example, as I have described, we have been working with a developer in the Vail area. All future contacts with this developer will need to go through CDP.

This Sunday begins our worship time in Vail. Worship begins at 9:00 AM! If you would like to help setup chairs, this begins at 7:00 AM. This is an exciting time. I believe that God has great things in store for this mission. I am so very blessed to be working with such an awesome group of people who are dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to our world.

Blessings on your day.

Vicar David Hook

Advent Worship this year will be a sermon series entitled, "The Five Love Languages... This series is based on the best-selling books by Gary Chapman on the five love languages. This advent series will begin on November 27th and continue through Christmas Eve. If you know anyone who is struggling in a relationship because they are unsure whether they are loved, then this series is a must for them. Invite them to come learn during Advent and join us for Christmas Eve.

Calendar The Schedule of Events is still as follows:
November 6, First Worship Service “ 9:00 AM
November 6,13,20 “ Work out the bugs!
November 27 “ December 18, Advent Worship
December 24, Christmas Eve service

Christmas Eve Service. “ We will celebrate a Christmas Eve service in Cienega High School Auditorium at 7:00 PM, December 24th. We are inviting members of the community to join with us to sing in a "community choir... As you talk to your neighbors, see if any of them can sing and invite them to join with us. Details to follow in later issues of the Vision.

VBS Vacation Bible School “ Jennifer Hook has reviewed the Jerusalem Marketplace Spring VBS and it looks great! Kids will have a great time learning what it would have been like living in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus. We have set a tentative date of March 20 “ 24, 2006. This week corresponds to the spring break at all the Vail schools. If you would like to help with the VBS, either with crafts, music, shepherding, setup, or whatever, please contact Jennifer at .

Small Group Ministry “ When we begin worship on Sunday morning, we will no longer be meeting on Sunday night. To continue with that "family.. atmosphere, small groups will be created who will meet at various people's homes. Larry Unger will be providing the list at an upcoming meeting.

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