Dec 2, 2005

Vail Vision December 2, 2006

Greetings of Christmas Love,

Our advent series based on "The Five Love Languages.. is underway. I am so excited by all the love that we show each other on Sunday morning. It is so wonderful to see how God is showing love to us by everything He is doing for Christ Lutheran Vail. Let us pray that as we go through this Christmas season we not forget those around us who are seeking our time, affirmation, service, touch and gifts. We know that the greatest gift of all is the Gospel of Jesus.

Peasall Sisters Concert “ IT'S OFFICIAL!! The Grammy award winning Peasall Sisters are coming to town. Their career took off after being in the movie, "O Brother Where Art Thou... They will perform a concert at Cienega High School on New Year's Day (Jan 1 at 6:00 PM). Jeff Rohlwing will open for them. We are beginning a mass advertising campaign, but mark your calendars! You simply won't want to miss these precious girls. It should be a fun evening that the whole family will enjoy. We will have flyers available for you to give your neighbors, to post on message boards and to hand out at work, etc. Sometimes there's nothing like a good hootenanny. YeeHaw!

Jeff Rohlwing at Christ Lutheran Vail “ Jeff Rohlwing will be joining us for worship on December 11th. He will be singing songs for the gathering and during the service. If you did not have a chance to pick up a CD after his last concert, they will be available after the service. You won't want to miss this service, it should be spectacular.

Fellowship Cards “ The little white cards that we hand out are for guests and members. Please take the few seconds it takes to fill them out and hand back in. This helps us keep track of who was at Church on Sunday morning. When we begin communion, it will help us keep track of that also.

Advent Worship Mailing “We are beginning to see some new faces due to our mailings. We are planning on another mailing around mid-December. We thank God for the Lutheran Church Extension Fund who is providing us with money for these mailings. We also thank Him for the support and guidance being provided by the Lutheran Hour Ministries (design of the mailing and advice on who to mail to). We will have some newcomers over the next few weeks. If you see someone that you don't know at Church, introduce yourself or say hello.

Christmas Eve Choir “ We will be having a Choir sing at our service at 7:00 on Christmas Eve. I have contacted the school to see if we can use the Cienega High School choir room on the following dates: December 8, December 15, and December 19. We will be doing some fairly easy songs. If you would like to sing in the Christmas Eve choir, come to at least one of these rehearsals. It would be great if you could attend all three, but if you can only attend one, that is OK. We will hopefully have a CD that we can hand out so that you may learn your part while driving on the road or listening at home.

Vail Pride Days “ This is sponsored each year by the Vail School District to showcase the schools and the district. The event will be Saturday, February 11th. We have signed up for a booth to hand out information about our Church. We need helpers. If you are available to helps staff the booth, please contact me.

Blessings on your day. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Vicar David Hook

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