Dec 29, 2005

Vail Vision December 29, 2005

Christmas Greetings!

Yes, it is still Christmas. Even though Christmas day is over, we are still reflecting on the Savior's birth. In fact, historically, we are still in the "twelve days of Christmas... The "twelve days.. are the days between Jesus' birth and Epiphany. Epiphany is always January 6th and it is the celebration of when the Magi paid homage to Christ and "revealed His birth to the world. (I am surprised the retailers haven't picked up on this and extended Christmas for twelve more days.)

No one is quite sure of the origins of the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas... It has been suggested that it was secret code to help preserve Christian doctrines, yet this cannot be substantiated. It first shows up in a 1780 Children's book, "Mirth without Mischief... In this book, it is presented as a Parlor Game where each person had to add a verse to the song until someone missed. That seems much more likely. In any event, I cannot remember the song in its entirety “ so if it IS designed to preserve Christian doctrine, I'm doomed. According to the song, today is Day Five. Maybe your true love will give you five golden rings!

Aside from the song, I have been reflecting over the past few days with Christmas Joy. I am particularly joyful as to how blessed our congregation is. We have a great group of people. I am so blessed to be working with you. I am excited for all that God has done in 2005 and even more excited about 2006. I pray that as God continues to work through our congregation over the next year that we can continue in that Christmas Joy. The greatest Joy is that Christ came to earth and redeemed us. That joy should last much longer than "twelve days...

I would also like to give a special thank you to all who helped make the Christmas services such a wonderful blessing to our community. I have heard many stories as to how people were blessed by the services. A special thank you to the choir for sharing your time and talents with us. It was truly wonderful. I would also like to thank the children who participated in the Christmas drama. I didn't realize we had such talent among us. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the congregation.

Blessings and continued Christmas Joy!

Vicar David Hook

Peasall Sisters Concert “ January 1, 6:00 PM. The Grammy award winning Peasall Sisters are coming to town. Their career took off after being in the movie, "O Brother Where Art Thou... They will perform a concert at Cienega High School on New Year's Day (Jan 1 at 6:00 PM). Jeff Rohlwing will open for them. If you can't make the concert at Cienega High School, they are also performing at Fountain of Life Lutheran Church on December 30th at 7:00 PM. We will have fliers on Sunday for you to hand out. The concert will be publicized on radio and print. This will be an event that you simply cannot miss. We also have a website setup for the concerts,

Roadway Cleanup - The roadway in front of Cienega High School has been adopted by our church. We should clean it at least twice a year. We are planning a cleanup day for an early Saturday morning in January. If you are available and want to work off those Christmas cookies, come join us. I will post the date in a later Vail Vision.

Vail Pride Days “ This is sponsored each year by the Vail School District to showcase the schools and the district. The event will be Saturday, February 11th. We have signed up for a booth to hand out information about our Church. We need helpers. If you are available to helps staff the booth, please contact me.

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