Jan 26, 2006

Vail Vision January 26, 2006

Grace and Peace!

This is an exciting week for Christ Lutheran Vail. Paul Brandt, a Lutheran school teacher from Phoenix will be visiting us to help evaluate the potential for Christian Education in Vail. We will be showing him around Vail, meeting with various leaders and finalizing the mission statement. This is part of the "Genesis Project" that was begun last year. Even though the Vail School District is ranked one of the highest in Arizona, there is still a need for Christian education. At this point, it could be anything from an early childhood center to a full K-12 Christian school.

As you may remember from last month, we have partnered with Church Development Partners (CDP) to help us find land in Vail. CDP has selected a broker who is currently evaluating parcels of land in Vail. We should have some potential sites to evaluate soon. The Megamall has been in the news lately. Most recently was an article that explained that the project is still underway, but the team is having trouble securing capital. I am curious as to what impact that will have for land in Vail.

Pastor Michaelson will be visiting Christ Lutheran Vail on February 5th. We will have a short all-church meeting after the service to discuss the options for preaching and teaching after the current vicar goes back to school. If you would like to provide input into this process, please feel free to stay after church on February 5th.

There will be an all-church brunch after worship on February 12th. We will also be celebrating our first baptism (Ruby Hickie, daughter of Chris and Tacie Hickie and sister of Tara and Lydia). We will also be celebrating the baptism as a part of the brunch. Come be a part of this historic first for Christ Lutheran Vail.

This coming Sunday, the theme will be "I AM the Light of the World" based on John 8:12. No Candy this Sunday for the children's message, but there will be a big surprise!!

The small groups have begun to meet! The name for this ministry is "The Gatherings". If you are interested in being involved in a "Gathering", please feel free to talk to me or Larry Unger.

This week we continue to pray for Jim Feldmeir. He has been in the hospital since Saturday night. His wife Diane sings in Glad Song. We will keep him in our prayers.

We have changed to a slightly different format for the Vail Vision. Let me know if there is a problem reading this email on your computer.

That is all for now. Blessings on your week.

David Hook, Vicar

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