Mar 1, 2006

Vail Vision March 10, 2006

And the winner is...

It's part of our human nature to be competitive. We are always keeping score, always trying to figure out who's best. Sports, academics, and yes, even the movies. There are lots of ways to determine which is the best movie. Ticket sales might be a good indication. But Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ was the eighth-highest grossing American film of all time and didn't even get a nod at last year's Oscars. For what it's worth, I thought Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the best film of the year.

We as humans are always trying to compete to be the brightest and the best. That's not all bad, but sometimes we take that competition with us into church. We want our church to win at the heavenly Oscars. We want best musical score, best producer, best actor and best set design. But ultimately, God, through the Holy Spirit, is the Director of all Christian churches. He gives us the talents that we have and asks only that we use them to the best of our abilities. When people come to our church, it is because they are drawn to us because of what we are doing well. (Personally, I believe that our church is the best thing going, but I could be biased)

The enemy isn't other Christian Churches. The enemy is Satan. And our fellow Christian churches are our comrades-in-arms to fight him. The other churches in Vail could be seen as competition and Satan wants us to believe that we are all fighting against each other. But that is the farthest thing from the truth. We are all reaching out to a community in east Tucson that is desperate for the Good News of Jesus. Success for one church is success for God. Our joy is their joy. And the kingdom of God continues to grow!

There are so many things for which we can be thankful. Christ Lutheran Vail has only been worshiping for four months, but already it is clear to see that God knows what He is doing. So this year, I give the heavenly Oscar to God. Best Creator, Best Redeemer and Best Sanctifier. Two Thumbs Up.

David Hook, Vicar

On Sunday we will enjoy our monthly brunch. The menu is Pancakes, Sausage, fruit, juice, coffee, and fun. Thanks to all who assist and make the brunch possible.

We continue our sermon series focusing on the last words of Christ. These are the "crosswords.. - the last words that Jesus spoke from the cross. On Sunday we reflect with Mary the words that Jesus Spoke, "Woman, Behold Your Son... Come see how God's words of comfort to Mary resonate in us, also. We will have some materials for you to take home that will help you as we walk this Lenten journey together.

The next service event will be the roadway cleanup on MaryAnn Cleveland Way. This will be held this Saturday, March 11th. Meet at the east end of MaryAnn Cleveland Way at Colossal Cave Road at 8:00 AM. Bring water, gloves, hat, and sunscreen.

This year's VBS (Vail Bible School) is Jerusalem Marketplace. Registration forms have been coming in. This Sunday, after the brunch, there will be a training session for the volunteers who will assist.

Paul Brandt, our consultant on the Genesis Project, is coming to town. He will be meeting with various individuals in our church and in the community to help us evaluate Christian Education as a component of Christ Lutheran Vail. Paul arrives on Monday, March 13th and leaves Tuesday, March 14th. We pray that God richly blesses this process and that He gives us guidance in this process.

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