Mar 23, 2006

Vail Vision March 23, 2006

What an AWESOME week it has been. The Jerusalem Marketplace Vail Bible School (VBS) has been underway since Monday and the children are having a great time. There has been singing, dancing, crafts, Synogogue School and games. We have received many great comments from students and parents alike about the VBS. Thank you to all of you who have continued to pray for this event. It has really has gone exceptionally well. A daily log of the event can be found on our website On Sunday, we are inviting the children to join us for worship and dance two of the songs from the VBS.

On Thursday of next week (March 30th) at 6:00 PM, we will gather at Fountain of Life (Our mother church) to make phone calls to residents in the Vail area. (Surveys are not prohibited by "No Call" lists. So are political campaign calls. What a surprise!) During the survey, we will be asking people to provide feedback to our mission statement, goals and plan. This will help us analyze the feasibility of a Christian Day School component to our church. This survey will provide input into the last phase of the Genesis study. According to our Consultant, Paul Brandt, the people who are contacted respond very favorably to these phone calls and they are keenly interested in educational issues. "Many hands makes short work". Even if you cannot be a part of Thursday's call bank, you can still participate. We can give you a list of names so that you can call when it is convenient for you. Dinner is provided, so please contact Jill Raines and let her know that you will be attending.

On Easter Sunday, we will NOT move the service to 8:00 AM for a "Sunrise" service. The service will remain at 9:00 AM in order to allow for setup. After the service we will have a pancake breakfast and an easter egg hunt for the children. This should be a great time. We are collecting candy and eggs for the easter egg hunt and people to plan the various activities.

The Da Vinci Code Movie will release soon. Many of you will be questioned about the events that are portrayed as facts in the book. Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code Book raised many issues that are likely to show up in the movie:

  • What can be said about the authenticity of Scripture?
  • What was the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus?
  • Did Jesus marry and have kids?
  • Is there a secret "Society of Sion"?
  • Did Jesus raise from the dead?


You need to be equipped to answer these questions. Therefore, beginning the Sunday after Easter, we will begin a series of events to help you respond to the movie. More details to follow in a later Vision.

There is so much to be thankful for during this Lenten season. But nothing compares to the love that God has for us. What kind of love is this that Jesus would take our punishment? A love that only He can give? May that love surround you this week.

Vicar Hook

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