Apr 11, 2006

Vail Vision April 11, 2006

Holy Week.

Many people have the wrong concept of holiness.   They look up the definition of holiness (pure, righteous, clean) and then say, "Aha!   God is holy...   In other words, there is a definition of holiness and God fits the definition.

But that's wrong.   Because in reality, God is holiness.   If you looked up holiness in the dictionary, you should see a picture of God.   If holiness had a DNA sequence, it would be God's.   There is no concept of holiness apart from God “ He is what defines it.

Now that which is holy and that which is not holy cannot mix.   It's as if God is oil and we are vinegar.   We clash.   Oil and vinegar can exist in the same bottle, but they can never merge.   Since God is holy and we are not this causes us to be separated from God... just like oil and vinegar.   And this separation from God ultimately brings death.

This is Holy week, a time where Christians trace the path that Jesus took during the last week of His life.   It begins with His celebrated entrance into Jerusalem.   It continues with the last meal He celebrates with His disciples and a face-to-face meeting with Pilate.   It then traces the path to Calvary where He died and then to the tomb where He was placed.

We call it Holy week because it is the week where a Holy God took on the form of vinegar for our sake.   And by doing so, we can mix with the holiness of God and not be rejected.   That is what we celebrate this week.   That is why we call it Holy week.   It is a Holy week indeed.


Vicar David Hook

Easter Sunday worship is at 9:00 AM.   We will celebrate the last day of Holy week together and then have a brunch and an Easter egg hunt.


Gulf Coast Servant Project Please join us for an informational meeting Sunday, April 23rd at Fountain of Life at 11am in Room 10C for anyone interested in more information about a week-long servant project either the first or second week in July. This is a multi-generational servant project for servants 16 years and older. Come and find out the blessings the Lord has planned for you in this opportunity.

On May 19th, Hollywood will release a movie called "The Da Vinci Code...   I read the book and it was very entertaining.   I imagine the movie will be also.   But I read the book as fiction, as it should be.   Dan Brown, however, has made many claims that even though the book is fiction, it offers another alternative to the historical record that may be more accurate.

Now I can almost guarantee that the media will use this event to highlight the radical, minority,   anti-Christian propaganda that always pops up.   They will bring up questions like:

  • Wasn't Jesus just a man?
  • Doesn't archaeology prove that the Bible is not true?
  • Didn't Jesus marry Mary Magdalene and the church squelched this information so that the men could dominate the religion?
  • Wasn't Jesus' body stolen.


The media will present these questions as an almost foregone conclusion that archaeology, research, and history all prove that Jesus was just a man.   But in reality, archaeology, research, and history are champions for Christianity.   If you look at it objectively, Christianity offers the best account of history.

Beginning the week after Easter and continuing for four weeks, Christ Lutheran Vail will have an after-church Bible Study on some of the claims that are likely to come up.   I will look at what the Bible says, some of the criticisms, and what non-Biblical sources can prove.     I guarantee that you will not want to miss this.

Then on May 20th and May 21st, Fountain of Life Church in Tucson will host Dr. Paul Maier.   I believe that he is the leading authority on biblical archaeology today.   I have seen Dr. Maier speak.   He is absolutely captivating. By page 5 of Josh McDowells' book refuting the Da Vinci Code, he is quoting Paul Maier.   Seating is limited for both events, so get your tickets early.   There is a huge advertising campaign that will begin around May 1st with radio, television, and print.   Once that happens, the tickets will be snatched up.   Because you have the inside track, you can purchase tickets before the big rush.   They will be available Easter Sunday.  

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