Apr 5, 2006

Vail Vision April 5, 2006


I don't know if you caught this story from last week. James Manges II, a three year old boy from Elkhart, Indiana, managed to climb inside a crane toy vending machine. The boy climbed up through the exit chute and then closed the chute so that he could not be rescued. Firefighters had to remove the back from the machine to get him out. But when they did, little James didn't want to leave. He was having too much fun swinging around inside the machine with all the toys!

Isn't that just like sin! Many, many people describe sin as "the fun stuff that you don't get to do". Think about it: What could be more fun than swinging around with the toys? But honestly, sin is like poison. It destroys our lives, causes broken relationships and creates separation from God. It may seem fun at the moment, but ultimately, sin always causes us to wither and die. Little James would have enjoyed this escapade for some time, but at some point he would have been begging to get out! Fortunately, we have a rescuer. He's the man in the middle on Calvary. This week we will celebrate His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

May His peace be with you.

Vicar Hook

The publication schedule for the Vail Vision is being shifted. Starting Sunday, printed copies of the Vail Vision will be available for you to take home. To allow time for production, the emailed version will be sent out by Wednesday mornings. That way, a printed copy can be produced by Sunday. You do not need to pick up the printed copy. This is mainly for visitors and people for whom email is not convenient. Also, archived versions of the Vail Vision are always available on our website.

This Thursday, you are welcome to practice for the Easter Choir. The choir will sing two songs on Easter morning, The practices will be Thursday, April 6th and Tuesday, April 11th at Vicar David's house. The address is 12730 E. Red Iron Trail. Red Iron Trail is two blocks north of Cienega High School. The house is east of Mary Ann Cleveland Way. Practice starts at 7:00 PM. We look forward to seeing you then.

Next month, Hollywood will be releasing "The Da Vinci Code". You will encounter many people who will believe the claims portrayed in the movie. Sadly, hardly anything in the movie is true! To better equip the saints, Christ Lutheran Vail will be partnering with Fountain of Life to present a series of educational events. Beginning April 23rd, Vicar David Hook will present a four-week series to answer the questions of the book... Did Jesus really marry? Is there a Priory of Scion? Who was Mary Magdalene? Can the Biblical record be believed? How do archaeology, history, and geography relate to the Biblical account of Jesus?

On May 20th and May 21st, you are invited to hear Dr. Paul Maier presents two seminars at Fountain of Life. Dr. Maier is probably the nation's foremost expert in Biblical archaeology. Those who have heard Dr. Maier speak come away amazed. Don't miss this opportunity! You will not be disappointed. Tickets to the events will be available on Sunday. Seating is limited for both events. Learn more about the Dr. Mair Lectures.

For the four-week period after Easter, a nursery and Sunday School will be available for children. Young adults who are in Seventh grade or older can come to the Da Vinci Code Bible Study. They should be very interested in this!

Because of the brunch that will be prepared on Easter Sunday, there will not be a brunch on Sunday, April 9th. Easter should be fun. After worship there will be a brunch and a great Easter egg hunt for the kids. Don't forget, where there is chocolate, there is a vicar close by.

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