Jun 8, 2006

Vail Vison June 8, 2006

You've got to be kidding!

The MPAA just gave a PG rating to a movie because it was "... too blunt about God".

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is the voice and advocate of the American Motion Picture (from www.mpaa.org). They are the body that assigns the rating on films. When I was growing up, there were three ratings: G, PG, and R. Then in 1984, the PG rating was divided into PG and PG-13. That is why I have to be careful showing a PG movie to my children. If the movie was produced prior to 1984, the PG rating could really be PG-13 in today's system.

Of course the big factors in rating a movie have always been the same: violence, language, adult situations, and sexuality. But now we must add one more, ...God. Yes, the MPAA has given a PG rating to a new movie that has no violence, language, situations and sexuality. According to the story, the PG rating was given because the movie is "...too blunt about God".

"Oh Yes, let's not get too blunt about God" ...Praise God the disciples never took that position! The godless always fear God, it's part of the natural law.

The MPAA also errs in the other direction too. Sometimes they give a PG rating to a movie that I am convinced should be PG-13. Of course, one doesn't need to rely upon the MPAA to decide what movies children should watch. There are plenty of websites that will review a movie from a Christian standpoint. Here are two:



Any movie, no matter the rating, can have scenes that are offensive to Christians. And any movie can be an opportunity to share with your child the truths of scripture. Movies are great teachable moments. Don't let the moments pass.


Vicar David Hook


Jeff blessed us with his music last Sunday. Now you can hear Jeff in concert. Jeff is will be performing on Sunday, June 11th at 7:00 PM. He will be releasing his latest CD, Turn. The concert will be held at Grace Community Church, 9755 N. La Cholla Blvd. (call 520-575-1444 for more information)

Take I-10 towards Phoenix
Head East on Ruthrauf
Head North on La Cholla
The church is about 6 or 7 miles from that point on left just past Overton/Hardy


The congregational meeting on Sunday highlighted the exciting things that have happend at Christ Lutheran Vail. The meeting also shared the vision for our congregation over the next year. We discussed land, Sunday School, our Genesis project, and much more. A copy of the presentation for the meeting is available on-line at www.christlutheranvail.org/files/CongregationJune406.pdf. (The file is about 4 megabytes)


The next Youth Outhing will be a night hike and hilltop devotion.
Tuesday, July 11th
8pm to 11pm
Meet in the parking lot of Del Lago Golf course at 8pm and we'll caravan to the trailhead. We will return to Del Lago by 11pm. Total hiking distance roundtrip is 2.3 miles (that's less than the average mall visit). Bring a bottle of water. No cell phones or flashlights please. BRING A FRIEND OR TWO!!! Let Jami Eggold know if you are attending: pjeggold@dakotacom.net


This Sunday is the second Sunday of the month. We will have our church-wide bruch immediately after church. We will have pancakes, saususages and a special treat! Don't miss this one!


During this wonderful "window of opportunity" when Children are forming their concept of church, parents may need to consider their child's worship needs as a priority. Parents can help form that attitude and "invite" them into participation with a little extra effort. The following tips are adapted from "Partnering with Parents to raise up worshippers at home", by Pastor Brad Hunter.
TIP #1 - Speak of attending worship as something special. Help children to anticipate being with their family in this special experience.


Mark your calendars! On July 16, 2006, You are invited to a party at the Raine's house. This will be a going away party for the Hooks. While David Hook will be with us through August, the rest of the family will going back to St. Louis to get ready for the school year. More information will be provided in the Vail Vision.

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