Aug 16, 2006

Vail Vision August 16, 2006

Adrift at sea

When Salvador Vasques, Jesus Lopez and Lucio Bacerro left the coast of San Blas, Mexico, last September, they did not know that both motors in their boat would break. They drifted for eleven months at sea. Yesterday, the three were found skinny and hungry after a 5000 mile journey. A Taiwanese tuna fishing trawler rescued them and is bringing them back to shore.

These men will discover that much has happened over the last year. Mexico has a new president (even though they haven't figured out who that is), a Magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck Kashmir killing 81,000 people and ... Christ Lutheran Vail has become a church in East Tucson.

It is fearful to set out on an unexpected journey not knowing how it will turn out. That was the way we felt when we arrived last summer to work with you to plant this mission. But these fishermen survived because they had experience. They caught fish and birds and drank rainwater. Likewise, Christ Lutheran Vail has survived and grown because of the vast experience of the staff of Fountain of Life. Pastor Michaelson, particularly, provided substantial guidance for our mission. But each one of you has been a vital part of this exciting church as it has grown from birth to infancy.

It is amazing how God has put exactly the right people in the right places at the right time. Even though there were many difficult obstacles to overcome, we all knew that God would overcome them. One cannot worship at Christ Lutheran Vail without giving thanks and praise to God for His incredible hand in everything.

As I leave to join Jennifer, Kyrie, Krista, Lydia, John in St. Louis I would like to say thank you to all of you for your prayers, support, guidance, and wisdom. We know that the Vail Mission will continue to grow under the expert guidance of a great team.

There are many people in Vail who are like these fishermen. They are adrift in this world barely surviving from day to day. They need the Gospel to bring them to safe harbor. Because of your efforts, Vail now has that safe harbor. May God richly bless all of you. We will miss you.

Vicar David Hook


On Sunday, August 6th, Christ Lutheran Vail began our new format for Sunday mornings. The format is:

1st Sunday of the Month - Sunday School
2nd Sunday of the Month “ Brunch
3rd Sunday of the Month “ Sunday School
4th Sunday of the Month “ Family Activity
5th Sunday of the Month “ Special Presentations for Christ Lutheran Vail

On Sunday, August 20, Vicar David Hook will present a Bible Study on the Mission of our Mission. You won't want to miss this. Also, there will be some final words from Vicar David on what to expect next year.


On Sunday, August 27th, Christ Lutheran Vail will have our first family event. This event will occur immediately after the church service. All ages are invited as we do a servant event for Cienega High School.

Cienega High School has been extremely good to Christ Lutheran Vail over the last year. They have let us use their facilities at a nominal fee and they have worked around our schedule when they didn't really have to. We, the members of Christ Lutheran Vail, will say thank you to Cienega High School. Therefore, on Sunday, August 27th, immediately after the worship service, everyone “ young and old alike “ will help paint the fence around Cienega High School. The school will provide all of the paint, rollers, and other materials to paint the fence. All that is needed is about an hour or so of your time to paint a section of the fence. This is a family activity, so feel free to let the whole family participate.

Come to church dressed in painting clothes. Dress will be very casual that day. You can change into painting clothes in the bathrooms on the south side of the auditorium. We will have two canopies set up where drinks and snacks will be provided. What a great witness to traffic driving by Cienega for them to see a hundred people outside painting the fence for the school.


Tara Clark is in charge of the Nursery for Sunday morning. She will be there on Sunday morning, but we need volunteers to assist in the nursery. If you would like to help, please sign up with Tara. Also, additional items are needed to stock the nursery. See the list in the back of the church on Sunday mornings.



Please join the ladies of the Christ Lutheran Vail Chapter of LWiML on Saturday, Aug. 19 for a breakfast meeting. We will begin at 9:00am at the home of Lola Unger (8628 E. Esselmont Dr.) in Rita Ranch. Breakfast will be provided. Please call Lola at 664-0310 for directions and to RSVP. We hope to see you there!


David Hook will continue to publish the Vail Vision while he is in St. Louis. If you would like to submit an article, please email to him by Monday and it will be published in that week's edition. Email

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