Aug 30, 2006

Vail Vision August 30, 2006

For all who Toil Under the Sun...

This Monday, September 4th, our country celebrates Labor Day. The first Labor Day parade was on September 5th, 1882 in New York City. Most Historians recognize Peter McGuire, the chief of a carpenters union, with the idea. It originally began as a day for workers to show their solidarity. The craze swept the nation until it became a Federal Holiday in 1887. In the middle of the 20th century, union membership was at an all-time high of about forty percent. But today, only about fourteen percent of the workers in the United States are unionized. Today, Labor Day celebrates all who toil under the Sun, but mostly, it simply marks the end of summer “ and the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

Collective bargaining is a very powerful tool for the lesser party to negotiate with the greater party. We have all learned the history about how working conditions were greatly improved after unionization. Baseball seems to be an exception.

Here's a crazy idea! Could collective bargaining be used with God? If all humans stood together shoulder to shoulder and demanded that God bend the rules, would He? Would our strength of collective bargaining cause God to repeal His Holy Law?

The answer is no. God does not negotiate His Law. It is unchangeable. But we don't need collective bargaining, because Jesus Christ came to negotiate with God. Jesus worked a deal where He would die on the cross and we would have the benefits. And because He kept His end of the deal, we have life eternal.

May your Labor Day be filled with Joy and Peace.

David Hook


Thanks to all who helped clean up the Cienega High School campus on Sunday. It's appropriate that the first Fourth Sunday event was one designed to reach out to the community. Trish Pena, the Principal of Cienega was very grateful for the work that was done. Everything west of the auditorium was picked up by Christ Lutheran Vail.


Each year, the Vail School Districts hosts a parenting conference to equip parents. This year, Dr. Kevin Leman will once again share parenting tips. All are invited to attend. Mark Wednesday, September 20th on your Calendar. Dr. Leman will speak at Empire High School. More about the conference will be posted in the Vail Vision.


The Lutheran Women in Mission of Fountain of Life blessed us with the gift of a MITE BOX for Christ Lutheran Vail. You will see it at the Christ Lutheran Vail LWiM table near the entrance to the Church. Everyone is invited to put their MITES in the box. There will be envelopes at the table to use for your MITES.


What are MITES? How are they used?

Mites are an offering given in love, above and beyond regular church giving. 25% goes to National for the grants voted on at the Biennial Convention. 75% is retained by each District for mission grants adopted at the District Convention.

In June 2006 the Pacific Southwest District Convention voted to grant $130,00 to 17 programs that had requested grants. CHRIST LUTHERAN VAIL was
given $9878.00 to build a Children and Youth Program (Vacation Bible School).


Who gives MITES?

YOU! Anyone who has coins in their pocket or found coins or just wants to contribute to God's work.


Who are the Members of LWiM at Christ Lutheran?

Any woman who would like to affirm her relationship with the Triune God so that she is enabled to use her gifts in ministry among the people of the world. This league is made up of women of various age groups, diverse interests, hobbies, skills; etc. It can be anything you would like it to be.
At the present time we have Human Care (Sue Schaefer), Banner Making (Barb Bloxham), Card Making (stamping, etc.) Jill Raines, Church Pictorial Directory (Barb Bloxham), Bylaws (Sylvia Jarvis), Fourth Sunday Family Activity (Laura Reed).

Each group sets their own schedule and each project can be ongoing for an indefinite time or for a short time. A General Meeting with representatives from each group will be held as needed. A meeting of all members will be a special occasion such as a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

If you are interested in participating in these activities or have questions, please feel free to call Kae Schaefer at 574-8536.

We will continue to collect the canceled postage stamps cut to 1/4 inch (NO Love or Flag stamps, can tabs, and Campbell labels. They can be dropped in the large LWiM box on the table.

Blessings to all


The Christ Lutheran Vail Photo Album is filled with photos of the people who are attending our church. This album will be displayed in the back of the church every week. If you want to know someone's name, come by the table to look it up.

If you have not yet had your picture taken, please stop by and we'll take it. If you don't like the current photo, have another one taken!


Christ Lutheran Vail will host an inaugural Christmas Tea at Cienega High School. This will be an event that everyone in the Vail community will want to attend. The Tea is scheduled for December 1st. If you would like to host tables at the event, contact Polly Phillips.


This Sunday will be a first Sunday Education hour. All age groups will meet for Bible Study directly after church. The adults will be following a series entitled "Terror and War Today... Stay for Bible Study after church and learn about this interesting topic.

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