Nov 30, 2006

Vail Vision November 30, 2006

Sleep sound in Jesus,

When my children were young, we played music while they were falling asleep. The music was from a cassette tape called, "Sleep Sound in Jesus... After four children, the tape (or tape player) wore out so we bought the CD. Even now, I can probably sing all the songs on the CD.

My daughter, Kyrie, went to a concert earlier this year and when she came back she said, "This is the same guy who sang the “Sleep Sound in Jesus' music. He was awesome!

He is awesome indeed. His name is Michael Card and he is one of the most gifted singer/songwriters in the last twenty years. This Christmas season, we are fortunate to have Michael Card in Tucson at Fountain of Life Lutheran Church. The concert will be Wednesday, December 6th at 7:00 PM. You can still buy tickets online at

Receive a gift of music this Christmas. Come "Celebrate the Promise.. with Michael Card.


David Hook


News from Lutheran Women in Mission (LWML)

The Coordinators of the CLV LWiM and all interested ladies of CLV are meeting on Dec 5 (Tues) at 7:00 PM at Susan Schaefer's home. The address is 9590 E Paseo San Ardo. Call Susan at 663-3605 or Kae at 574-8536 for directions. We will be making many important decisions. Everyone's input is needed. The meetings usually are finished by 8:15PM.

December 9 at 9:00 AM is our last general meeting of 2006. We will have breakfast at Polly Phillip's home. (Maps are on the LWiM table.) Our speakers are Pastor and Amy Michaelson. They will tell us about their Servant Project in Louisiana. Donations that day will go to funds for future Servant Projects in that area. We will have a short meeting. We will be done by 11:00 AM. PROJECTS FOR 2007 will be discussed if time allows. Bring your MITES.

Remember the Rev Don Rosentreter. During December our Gifts from the Heart will be a special offering to be used to assist with medical expenses.

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