Dec 7, 2006

Vail Vision December 7, 2006

Christmas Peace!

I love this time of year. When we lived in Denver, we would go to the ChristKindlNacht. It is a German festival celebrating Christmas food, Christmas trinkets and Christmas music. We would take a horse-drawn carriage ride and walk around lower downtown where the shops had wonderfully elaborate window decorations. For lovers of Christmas, it's a smorgasbord!

Denver isn't the only major city that holds these festivals. They are popping up all over. In fact, for quite a few years now, Chicago's Daley Plaza has hosted a similar festival “ ChristKindlMarket. I am sure that their candied almonds taste just as good.

But Chicago's festival has been in the news lately. You see New Line Cinema has just released a feature length movie about Mary, Joseph and Jesus. The producers of "The Nativity Story.. wanted to promote the movie during the ChristKindlMarket. Among the advertising plans was to loop the movie trailer on large TV screens at the festival. But the City officials balked at the idea. It seems that they didn't want an overt display of Christianity at ChristKindlMarket.

Um. Am I missing something? It's CHRISTkindlMarket for crying out loud. It's a CHRISTmas festival with CHRISTmas displays. There's nativity scenes, angels, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, shepherds, wise men, and CHRISTmas carols. But they don't want an overt display of Christianity?

Actually, I can see a bit of their fear. Christmas is so ingrained in our culture, many Americans don't stop to give it much thought. But this Jesus, this little babe, the one in the manger, all of the powers and principalities on earth have not been able to deal with Him. Even as a babe, He makes them shake!

May His love shake you this season!

David Hook


LWiM is growing. Erin Hall is planning a Women's Bible Study beginning in January 2007. She is asking interested ladies to fill out the Survey Sheet located on the LWiM Table.

Dec 9, Saturday, at 9:00 AM we are inviting all ladies to the LWiM breakfast at Polly Phillip's home. Our speakers are Pastor and Amy Michaelson who will be sharing their experiences as Servants in Metairie, LA. Our donations that day will be used to help fund future Servant Projects.


Sunday, Dec 10 everyone will receive printed information regarding the Gifts from the Heart Project for Dec. for Rev. Don Rosentreter. There will be a basket at the LWiM table near the entrance for donations. Checks should be made payable to PSWD LWML with a memo for Rev Don Rosentreter. These funds will be matched up to $100.00 by the LWiM of Christ Lutheran Vail.


The next coordinators meeting will be at Le Kauth's home on Jan 9, 2007 at 7PM. Any lady from Christ Lutheran Vail is invited to attend.

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