Jan 14, 2007

Vail Vision January 14, 2007

Taking the oath of office

It was an interesting act last week. Keith Ellison, Representative from Minnesota, took the oath of office like thousands of Representatives before. But this oath was different because Rep. Ellison is a Muslim and requested that the oath be given on Thomas Jefferson's Quran.

It is always a bit shocking to us when we are vividly reminded that we live in a pluralist society. While Christianity was the religion of the original European settlers upon this continent and while the nation was founded on Christian principles, our government does not favor any particular religion. If the Unites States has any propensity to Christianity it is because this nation has overwhelmingly been populated with Christians and so therefore the laws reflect that heritage.

Can a Christian survive in a non-Christian nation? Sometimes.

When Jesus lived in Galilee, it was under the rule of the Roman Empire. Jesus appeared to be comfortable with this situation. In fact, the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus on this very issue. In Matthew 22:15ff they asked Jesus if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar “ who was definitely not a Jew. Jesus says throughout the Gospels that His kingdom is not of this world. In answer to their question, Jesus says, "render to Caesar that which is Caesar's and to God that which is God's...

Twice, Paul used his Roman citizenship to his advantage. Once to avoid being scourged by a Centurion (Acts 22:25) and another time to request an audience with Caesar himself (Acts 25:10). But ultimately, Paul's devotion to Jesus cost him his life. Many other Christians in the early church died because their religion was not tolerated by the Romans.

Eventually the Roman Empire became religiously-neutral with Edict of Milan in 313 AD. When Constantine converted to Christianity it became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Christianity thrived but soon it was difficult to discover where political rule ended and Christianity started.

Luther said it best. Governments are a gift from God to provide order in this world. Christians should support that order. But a relationship with Jesus Christ occurs outside of that order. And neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:38-39).

So while it may be shocking to see a politician who isn't Christian, we can at least take comfort in knowing that since Islam can be tolerated, so can Christianity. But we should never stop praying for our leaders and particularly for Rep. Ellison. We should pray not only that he govern wisely but that the Gospel of Jesus Christ be revealed to him.


David Hook


"Quest for Truth" is the theme for Christ Lutheran Vail's Vacation Bible School, March 19th - 23rd, to be held in the Cafetorium at Cienega High School, from 9:00am to 12:00noon. (This is the 2nd week of the Vail School Districts Spring Break.) It is open to all Preschool 3 year olds and up through the 6th grade.

Kiki Ngo is heading up this years VBS and is looking for volunteers. She is in need of:
4 - Group Leaders
1) Preschoolers
2) K - 1st grade
3) 2nd grade - 4th grade
4) 5th grade - 6th grade
1 - Opening and Closing Leader
1 - Music Director
4 - 5 Craft Teachers & Helpers
2 - 3 Game Teachers

If God has gifted you in any of the above areas or you just feel a calling to be His servant, please contact Kiki at 574-3828.

A meeting for VBS will be held on the 4th Sunday, January 28th, following the church service.


Thank you for your Gifts from the Heart in December for the Rev Don Rosentreter. Your gifts of $100.00 was matched by WIM of CLV and a $200.00 donation was made to the LWML-PSWD to assist him in the payment of medical expenses.

In our first meeting of 2007 it was decided that our focus of Fund Raising will be in the sales of CLV Logo Golf/Tee shirts. Catalogs will be available on the Women in Mission table this Sunday. The committee will be making selections from a variety of shirts with the logo of CLV. They will be modeled in February/March. Orders will be taken at that time. Proceeds from the sale will be used to continue Mission Projects with emphasis on assistance to Seminarian David Hook and the Ordination and Installation of our first Pastor.

This Sunday will be Mite Box Collections. This is our opportunity to return to God beyond our tithes some of what He has given us. Mites can be your loose change, or the coins found in the laundry or dropped coins found in parking lots, etc. What is the Mite Box money used for? Various groups request Grants. The PSWD then makes a list of these requests and at the Convention the voting delegates vote. The grant requests with the highest number of votes are paid as the Mite monies are available.
At the 2006 Convention Christ Lutheran Vail Church was chosen to receive a Grant of almost $10,000.


Attention Ladies!!! You are invited to join a Christ Lutheran Vail women's Bible study!

The first meeting will be January 15 from 7 -8:30 pm at 9740 E Paseo Del Tornasol (Erin Hall's house) in Rita Ranch.

We are hoping to meet weekly and will be using the Becoming a Woman of... study series by Cynthia Heald. All adult women and mature older (16 and up) teen girls in the church are invited! Bring your friends, too! Please call Erin Hall with any questions you may have at 574-7469.



7:00 pm - Women's Bible Study

9:00 am “ January MOPS meeting

After Worship “ VBS Coordination Meeting

12:00 “ Pot Luck Dinner at FOL
1:00 “ 3:00pm - Seminar at FOL, featuring Rev. Jerry Kosberg

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