Jan 7, 2007

Vail Vision January 7, 2007

Vail Vision January 7, 2007


It's a New Year and a New Congregation...

It's official! Today, Christ Lutheran Vail will install their first Board of Ministry Directors. Dick Phillips, Larry Unger and Paul Schaefer were the Fountain of Life elders who were appointed to oversee the formation of Christ Lutheran Vail. They have worked tirelessly to oversee the legal formation of Christ Lutheran Vail. With the passage of the constitution and the election of the Board of Ministry Directors, Christ Lutheran Vail can now operate as a separate legal entity.

The Board of Ministry Directors are ultimately responsible for the operation of Christ Lutheran Vail. Some (not all) of the duties of the Board of Ministry Directors are:

  • Be responsible for establishing policies necessary to direct the overall program of the congregation;
  • Ensure the preparation of the mission, vision, budget, and plans to be adopted by the Voters Assembly and their implementation;
  • Ensure that the financial integrity of the congregation is maintained;
  • Authorize the Senior Administrative Pastor to administer the day-to-day operations of the congregation in
    accordance with its own policies and directives and those established by the congregation through its Voters Assembly;
  • Be responsible for the receiving of and acting upon, if necessary, feed-back and/or complaints from members of the congregation regarding aspects of its operations;
  • Establish appropriate consultative and action committees and approve the appointment of members.
    This structure allows the flexibility of the staff to quickly respond to the needs of Christ Lutheran Vail, yet be responsible to the congregation.

    You may not notice a change as we begin this new structure. Preaching will still be provided by Fountain of Life. The Board of Ministry Directors will continue to oversee the operations of the church. The only real change is that the management and accountability of offerings will be performed by Christ Lutheran Vail.

    Christ Lutheran Vail will still be closely tied to Fountain of Life. They are a superb congregation and we will partner with them in many areas. We are grateful for all that Fountain of Life has done in starting this congregation.


    David Hook

    Women in Mission will have the first meeting of the New Year on January 9, 2007, 7:00 P M at the home of Le Kauth, 9482 E Pale Blue Topaz Lane, Rita Ranch.

    Agendas for the meeting and directions to Le's home will be on the Women in Mission table near the entrance on Sunday Jan 7. ALL Ladies of Christ Lutheran Vail are invited.

    Topics on the Agenda will include a Financial Report for 2006. Plans will be made for participation of all members, prospective members and friends of Christ Lutheran Vail in these Activities:

    • Tee/Golf Shirt Sale in February, Baby Showers
    • Mother/Daughter Tea in May
    • Father/Son or Mother/Son Activity

    In June there will be many activities involving the Ordination and Installation of our new Pastor. Also the first Birthday of the Women in Mission of CLV!


    If any ladies are Consultants for Avon or Mary Kay Beauty Products, please call Kae 574-8536.

    Anyone who has a question or suggestion regarding Women in Mission, please call Kae at the above number.


    Attention Ladies!!! You are invited to join a Christ Lutheran Vail women's Bible study!

    The first meeting will be January 15 from 7 -8:30 pm at 9740 E Paseo Del Tornasol (Erin Hall's house) in Rita Ranch.

    We are hoping to meet weekly and will be using the Becoming a Woman of... study series by Cynthia Heald. All adult women and mature older (16 and up) teen girls in the church are invited! Bring your friends, too! Please call Erin Hall with any questions you may have at 574-7469.



    7:00 pm - LWiM Meeting at Kauth's

    7:00 pm - Women's Bible Study at Hall's

    9:00 am “ MOPS at Hickie's

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