Feb 11, 2007

Vail Vision February 11, 2007

What would the King think?

There is quite a controversy brewing at the second oldest university in the United States. In 1693, King William III and Queen Mary II granted a charter to establish The College of William and Mary. The King provided almost £2,000 to construct the college and the first stone was laid in 1695. The original college consisted of three schools: divinity, philosophy, and grammar. While originally privately owned, because of financial difficulties, the college was given to the Commonwealth of Virginia in the early 20th century.

Many famous people received degrees from this fine institution including Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and James Monroe (the Fifth president of the United States).

The campus chapel was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. You may recognize this man as the genius behind Canterbury Cathedral and St. Paul's in London. The chapel isn't as fancy as the British structures, but it is unique in its design.

But if you visit the chapel, you won't see any symbols of Christianity. Over the years the Christian objects dwindled until all that was left was an 18.. brass cross upon the altar. Now this, too, has been removed. It appears that President Gene Nichol has been concerned that the chapel should be open to every one of all religious backgrounds and so the cross had to go.

His fear, I suppose, is that if a non-Christian were to enter a historically Christian chapel designed by one of the finest Christian architects in history at a historically Christian college founded by the Christian King and Queen, the sight of an 18.. cross (on an altar!) would be too offensive.

Pity. Because the simple fact is that Christianity is infused into western culture. It is in art, religion, science, politics, music and philosophy. Even if a college student doesn't believe that Jesus is the Christ, one can't avoid the fact that Christianity has been hugely influential on early America.

This would be like me living in Egypt and demanding that the Ankh be removed from the pyramids.

But the church will survive. Because the important cross isn't the 18.. brass one that used to sit on the altar of Wren Chapel. The essential cross is the one on Calvary where Jesus bore our sins. That cross can never be removed.


David Hook


This is MITE Sunday! What are MITES? That is the money left over. It is not part of your regular church giving.
A basket and an acrylic box are located on the table in the breakfast area. Please place the MITE boxes and cans in the basket. The loose change and bill can be placed in the acrylic box. Take a MITE box or can for March.

Where do MITES go? All over the world and ARIZONA you will find work that has been done with MITES. Grace Community Youth Outreach of Rimrock, AZ has been granted $9,338.00.

Gifts from the Heart in December went to Rev. Don Rosentreter. Your special gifts are part of the more than $10,000 given to help pay medical bills for his many blood diseases contracted while he served as a missionary. A letter from him is on the WiM CLV table. With a matching gift from WiM CLV our donation was $200.00. God bless each of you who helped with your Gift from the Heart. Keep him in your prayers.

In March our Gift from the Heart will go to a 5 year old Arizona boy who has A.L.L. Leukemia. Read about Benjamin Barajas in the Flyer on the WiM CLV table. This unchurched family needs our prayers as well as financial assistance.

Remember on Valentine's Day that LOVE is a gift of our Lord.


Attention Ladies!!! You are invited to join a Christ Lutheran Vail women's Bible study!

We meet weekly and are using the Becoming a Woman of... study series by Cynthia Heald. All adult women and mature older (16 and up) teen girls in the church are invited!


"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is success."
(from Our Daily Bread devotional)



VBS Coordination Meeting

7:00 pm - Women's Bible Study

9:00 am “ January MOPS meeting

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