Feb 4, 2007

Vail Vision February 4, 2007

I don't know if you caught this story last week, but Marine biologists from Japan caught a glimpse of a really unusual fish. Park staff at the Awashima Marine Park in Shuzuoka, south of Tokyo, were alerted by fisherman of an odd-looking eel-like creature. The staff went into the ocean, found the fish and took pictures. The pictures show a strange creature with needle sharp teeth.

They identified the creature as a female frill shark, which is also referred to as a "living fossil.. because it resembles the fossils of fish found in rocks that are supposed to be millions of years old.

Now I don't know much about the evolution-creation debate, but I do know a bit about science. The fact that there is a fish that resembles an old fossil can only lead to two conclusions: The fish has survived for millions of years and hasn't evolved OR the assumptions behind the fossilized record are inadequate. If Darwin is to believed, the old fish couldn't have survived without evolving because he would have been replaced by a better fish. So finding a fish that doesn't change for millions of years doesn't make sense.

I find it remarkable that most of the scientific community won't challenge itself when they find data that don't agree with their preconceived assumptions. Yet they do it all the time. Isn't the truth what we're after? Jesus said "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free... That goes for scientists too.

The fish was caught, but it did not survive. They biologists said it was because the fish was out of its environment.

Today we see Jesus calling the disciples to be fishers of men. They, too catch, but instead of bringing death, they bring eternal life.


David Hook


Following our worship service today, a class will be held in the cafetorium for all LCMS members and anyone interested in becoming a member of Christ Lutheran Vail Church. Everyone is encouraged to attend this informative class led by Pastor Kauth on the History of the LCMS church. There will not be any Sunday School or Glad Song practice so all can attend. (The children will be entertained with games in the court yard.)


Feb 6, Tuesday 7:00 P M WiM of CLVC (LWML) will meet at Susan Schaefer's home at 9590 E Paseo San Ardo. All women are invited to this meeting.
Directions to Susan's: Houghton to Rita Rd, turn left on Rees Loop The first street on the right is Paseo San Ardo, turn right. The house will be on your left (about ½ mi). If you miss Rees Loop go past the Purple Heart Park on the left, turn left on first street (Esmond Loop) , go past the fire station and skate park, turn left on first street (Juan /Tabo), then turn left on first street (Via de Las Estacas), turn right on Paseo San Ardo. 9590 is the fourth house from the corner on the right.

Coming Soon: Samples of the new Christ Lutheran Vail golf shirts. Be ready to place your order in March. The proceeds from this sale will be used to assist our Seminarian, David Hook.

Feb 11 is the Sunday that MITE Boxes will be collected. If you do not have your box, they are available on the WiM CLV table near the entrance.


All ladies of Christ Lutheran Vail and their friends are invited to join in the Women's Bible Study meeting every Monday evening at 7:00 in Erin Hall's home. We are doing a study of Cynthina Heald's called "Becoming a Woman of Grace... Erin's phone number is 574-7469 if you have any questions.



(following worship)

7:00 pm - Women's Bible Study at Erin Halls

7:00 pm - LWiM Meeting at Sue Schaefers

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