Mar 3, 2007

Vail Vision March 4, 2007

An Arresting Situation

How many of you watched the show, "COPS..? I remember once watching as police officers tried to arrest a man who didn't want to be arrested. He kicked and screamed and tried to bite them. The officers were finally able to get him into the police car, but it wasn't without a struggle.

I also remember watching a video clip of a man who was pulled over for speeding. The officer had a video camera in the police car recording the whole scene. The guilty man was adamant about not getting a ticket and began screaming at the officer. After the man received the ticket he was so angry with the police officer he threw the ticket on the ground. This caused the officer to write another ticket to the man for littering! Needless to say, this sent the man into a frenzy.

In both of these instances, it appeared that they were guilty. They just didn't want to be held accountable for their actions. When Jesus was arrested, however, it was just the opposite situation. Jesus had not committed a crime. He had only healed people, raised people from the dead, fed the hungry and preached the good news. For this he was arrested by the Romans.

How did Jesus react? Did he bite and scream and kick? Did he try to convince the arresting officer that he wasn't guilty? No. Jesus humbly allowed the Romans to arrest him and bring him before Pilate.

But the reaction of everyone else at the scene was just like out of an episode of COPS. One of the men with Jesus struck the servant of the High Priest cutting off his ear. One man was grabbed by his garment and slid out of his clothes running away naked. It must have been quite a scene.

But Jesus was in control the whole time; no kicking or screaming. He only rebuked the man who had cut off the ear. Jesus knew the time had come to be arrested. The focus wasn't on the crowd; His focus was on the cross.

It was there where He paid the price for all of the times when we have acted self-righteous believing we weren't guilty when we really were.


David Hook


During the Sunday School Hour,
Pastor Kauth will be leading us in a study of the Apostles Creed “ the basis for our Christian Faith. Everyone is encouraged to participate.


"Quest for Truth; Jesus the Way, the Truth, the Life.. is the theme for this years Vacation Bible School which will be held the second week of Vail's spring break, March 19th through the 23rd, from 9:00am to 12:00. Look for the VBS table and sign your children up. Invite your friends and neighbors and spread the good news to all the Vail community.


GIFTS from the HEART in March will be for Benjamin Barajas. He has Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia (A.L.L.) As of December he has had 3 bone marrow aspirtations, 2 spinal taps, 3 chemo therapy treatments, 5 blood transfusions and various other tests and procedures. This 5 year old needs 3 more years of treatment. The family needs financial assistance and our prayers. They live in Arizona. Let's reach out to this unchurched family with the love of Christ. There is a basket for GIFTS from the HEART on the WiM table. Make checks payable to PSWD memo Benjamin.
March 6 Coordinators (all interested ladies) will meet at 7:00PM at the home of Kae Schaefer, 449 S Sunny Rock Dr, Corona de Tucson. Maps are available on the WiM CLV table.
March 11 is MITES Sunday. There will be a basket for your Mite Boxes/Cans and the acrylic box for loose donations in the breakfast area. Mite boxes, cans and envelopes are available at the WiM table
March 17 is the WiM CLV Brunch at the home of Sylvia Jarvis, 481 N Vail View Rd. We will have brunch at 9:00 AM followed by our speakers, Vicar Karl and Joanne Schloeman. We will have a short meeting and adjourn by 11:00AM. Sign up at the WiM table. Maps are available.

Do we have any Thrivent members? We hope to apply for matching funds for our Spring Golf Shirt Sale. Call Kae at 574-8536 if you are a member or have questions.


Christ Lutheran Vail is now able to receive matching funds from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans on their own behalf instead of having to go under Fountain of Life. But to do so, we need to have a Coordinator. If you are a Thrivent member, and would be interested in serving Christ Lutheran Vail in this capacity, would you please contact Monty Schultz at or Polly at 647-7684. A coordinator training meeting will take place on March 10th at Our Saviours Lutheran on Campbell and Helen. At this meeting the congregational coordinators will receive training on what funds are available and how to apply for them.


Christ Lutheran Vail will be having a booth again this year at Vail Pride Days on the Fair Grounds, March 10th, from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Dick is looking for volunteers to help man the booth. It's indeed a great community event for the Vail School and surrounding area; a great chance to see what's happening in Vail. The sign-up schedule is on the Welcome Center.


based on the best selling book "The Grangaard Strategy: Invest Right During Retirement..
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Presentation Details:
Thursday, March 15, 2007
Registration at 5:45 p.m.
Metropolitan Grill
7892 N. Oracle (at Magee)
RSVP to:
The Catalina Foothills Team
Telephone: (520) 232-3238


Road Clean-Up on the third Saturday in March (March 17th). Meet at Cienega Parking Lot at 10:00am. No children under 14 due to traffic.


Susan G. Komen's RACE FOR THE CURE for Breast Cancer Walk
The Race For The Cure is being held at Reid Park and we will have a team made up of members at Fountain of Life and Christ Lutheran Vail. If you would like to read more about the race, please go online at This event is huge, fun and makes a difference!! If you are unable to participate, but wish to make a donation, just mail it to the FOL Church Office anytime, marked for RACE FOR THE CURE. Please call Lynne D'Eredita at 777-4225 for more information.



Study on the Apostles Creed
VBS Sign-up
Vail Pride Days Work Schedule Sign-up

7:00 pm “ Women's Bible Study at Halls

7:00 pm “ WiM Meeting at Schaefer's

9:00 am “ Vail Pride Days

9:00 am “ MOPS at Hickie's

9:00 am “ WiM Brunch at Jarvis'

10:00 am “ Road Clean-up

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