Apr 29, 2007

Vail Vision April 29, 2007

To God's faithful of Christ Lutheran Vail,

On Wednesday, April 26th, I was seated along with 153 other men in the call assignment service at Concordia Seminary. This was the largest graduating class since 1973.

During the service, the Board of Assignments issued a call to me to serve as the Pastor of Christ Lutheran Vail. Praise God!

As I sat in the Chapel of St. Titus and St. Timothy with my fellow classmates, I reflected back over my three years at Concordia Seminary. I was overcome with pride about my classmates. They are truly men of God. As we have learned and prayed together, I have seen what unique talents and gifts God has bestowed upon each of them. We are not only a class large in number, but large in talents.

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is currently in the middle of an aggressive program “ ABLAZE - to ignite 100 million hearts with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe the Holy Spirit will use these men so that millions will hear the wonderful message that Jesus rose on Easter to save us from sin, death and the grave.

I also reflected on my vicarage year at Vail. I was overcome with joy when I thought of how God created this mission to serve the community in Vail. God has given each of us talents and abilities. As we worked together during that year I was continually amazed at how the Holy Spirit was guiding and directing this mission. I also believe that God has great things planned for Christ Lutheran Vail!

I am humbled by the opportunity to serve you. To this day, I don't know why God has so richly blessed me that I should serve as your Pastor. I do not have all the gifts and skills it will take to bring this church to where God will lead us. But I believe that together, all of us do. I can only promise this: I will diligently teach and preach God's word. I will faithfully administer His sacraments.

It is my intention to accept this call to be the first Pastor of Christ Lutheran Vail. In three weeks I will have finished my Master of Divinity at which point I will be eligible to officially accept this call.

I look forward to many years of service together. I praise God for all of you. I am excited about the journey ahead.


David Hook

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