Apr 8, 2007

Vail Vision April 8, 2007

And if Christ has not risen, it follows that what we preach is a delusion, and that your faith also is a delusion.
1 Corinthians 15:14


He is risen indeed!

Every year around Easter time a news or magazine article will appear discussing the resurrection of Jesus. Did it happen? If not, what happened to the body? This year the news focused on the "lost tomb of Jesus.. and how His grave was found along with Mary Magdalene's and Jesus' son.

It is not surprising the amount of effort that is given to the resurrection. The whole of Christianity boils down to the resurrection. Paul has it correct. If Christ did not rise from the dead, the whole thing's off.

The early church was overwhelmed by the resurrection. They would go to Jesus' tomb and baptize people there. When the Gospels were written, there were still many around Jerusalem who had seen Jesus alive. It was this event that propelled this ragtag group of disciples to a movement with over a billion followers of Jesus.

But there is an even deeper meaning to the resurrection than simply seeing Jesus again.

Jesus' life could be seen as that of a holy man. He lived a holy life and died. If that is all Jesus did, then the greatest event in His life was His teachings: Love your neighbor and the least shall be the greatest. If this was the sum total of His life, our response would then be to try to live as good and holy a life as He did.

But the main event in Jesus' life wasn't the Sermon on the Mount. That was important, for sure, but not as important as the event that we celebrate today.

For the resurrection first and foremost means that Jesus has power over sin, the devil, and death. This is the central event in His life. And that event points not to what a good man He was but to who Jesus was. He was the perfect Lamb of God who died for our sins and then rose on Easter to prove it!

That is the great joy of Easter. One day, Jesus will call us out of the grave and we too will rise.


He is risen indeed. Alleluia!


David Hook

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