Apr 11, 2007

Vail Vision March 11, 2007

The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.
--- Matthew 26:11

What do you do with old parking meters? In Denver this week the Mayor has unveiled a new program for the homeless. The City has re-installed their old parking meters throughout downtown. The hope is that people will put money into the parking meter instead of giving it to panhandlers. The collected money will then be given to organizations that fight homelessness.

It seems like a promising prospect. Many people have a strong desire to help the homeless but they are worried about giving them money; what if the panhandler uses the money for bad things? But by feeding the meter they can feed the homeless without fear of hurting them.

Will it really help? A recent study revealed there are approximately 16,000 homeless in the state and the City has only installed 36 meters. This figure was compiled by a group of 400 agencies, non-profits, churches, and volunteers. With that much help available, one does wonder why there are so many homeless?

When Jesus was in Bethany, a young woman anointed Him with expensive perfume. The disciples were indignant that the perfume could have been sold and the money given to the poor.
Jesus said, "Why trouble this woman? She has done a beautiful thing."

Jesus knew something that His disciples didn't. Namely, that as long as mankind lived in a sinful world, there would always be the downtrodden, poor, afflicted, and disenfranchised. That's what the disciples didn't understand. They simply wanted to throw money at the poor.

The disciples were right to want to help the poor. But we are called to go beyond just feeding and clothing. We are called to share with them the Good News. We have the joy to share that Jesus forgives them. We have the opportunity to let them know that while the world may see them as inferior, in God's eyes they are precious.

You see even if the City of Denver completely eliminates the homeless, there will still be people who are poor and downtrodden in sin. But God didn't just throw money at us. He became poor with us. When we were homeless, Jesus took our hand and guided us home. He lived a life of poverty to redeem us from a life of eternal poverty from God.


David Hook

If you have announcements you would like to have included in Sunday's bulletin, please get them to me by noon on the Wednesday prior; pjphillips3@juno.com.
Thanks, Polly

The next MOPS meeting will be held on Friday morning (9:00am), March 16th at the home of Chris & Tacie Hickie.

"Quest for Truth; Jesus the Way, the Truth, the Life" is the theme for this years Vacation Bible School which will be held the second week of Vail's spring break, March 19th through the 23rd, from 9:00am to 12:00. Look for the VBS table and sign your children up. Invite your friends and neighbors and spread the good news to all the Vail community.

March Gifts from the Heart are for Benjamin Barajas. A basket is on the WiM table. Make checks payable to PSWD with Benjamin in the Memo.

Brunch on March 17th at 9 am at the home of Sylvia Jarvis. There are maps on the WiM table.

Watch for the new Christ Lutheran Vail golf shirts. Preorders will begin soon.

Road Clean-Up on the third Saturday in March (March 17th). Meet at Cienega Parking Lot at 10:00am. No children under 14 due to traffic.


Brunch & Fellowship
VBS Sign-up

MONDAY - March 12
7:00 pm - Women's Bible Study

FRIDAY - March 16
9:00 am “ March MOPS meeting

SATURDAY “ March 17
9:00 am “ WiM Meeting at Jarvis'

SATURDAY “ March 17
10:00 am “ Servant Event (Road Cleanup)

"Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God."

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