May 13, 2007

Vail Vision May 13, 2007

Jesus II...

I watched the latest Spiderman sequel this week. Sometimes the sequel is better than the original and sometimes it is not. The advantage of sequels is that special effects technology is greater. So the special effects in Spiderman III blow the socks off of the original.

I wonder if God would ever do a sequel? Jesus was so popular the first time He came to earth a second run would probably do very well at the box office.

The reason I ponder this question is because thousands came to the Lake Eola amphitheater in Orlando, Florida last Saturday to see Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda. Miranda claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth. I guess that makes him Jesus II. Many people in the crowd had "666.. tattooed on their bodies - apparently in recognition that the second coming has taken place.

The news accounts of the event didn't share much about Miranda, but this much we know. Apparently he was born in Puerto Rico, has spent time in and out of prison on drug and petty theft charges and is a recovering heroin addict. This is just a wild guess and I could be completely wrong, but doesn't heroin abuse cause hallucination? Could there be a connection?

But what will the second coming of Christ look like? Scripture teaches that the some day Christ will visibly return in glory. A study of scripture says that all people will see him (Acts 1:11, Mark 13:26, Rev 1:7). He will come in glory surrounded by angels (Matt 16:27, Rev 19:14). People will be judged.

So is Miranda the second Jesus? No. He's just a two-bit charlatan feeding off of the despair of a sin-infested world.

You don't have to travel to Orlando to see the real Jesus. He is present in His holy Scripture. He is present whenever two or more are gathered in His name. In fact, He lives inside of all those who have been purchased by His holy and innocent blood.

He is calling us to proclaim this hope to those in despair. Because they won't find it in Spiderman. They won't find it in Lake Eola amphitheater in Orlando. They won't find it in Miranda. They can only find hope through the original Jesus. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus, that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life. And by the way, His special effects were much better.


David Hook

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