May 27, 2007

Vail Vision May 27, 2007

O the depth of the riches...

Last week, deep-sea explorers announced that they had located a stunning shipwreck. A Tampa-based marine exploration company announced last Friday that they had discovered a shipwreck brimming with colonial-era coins. As each is likely to bring an average of one thousand dollars, it is estimated that the find will fetch around $500 million dollars! Yes, you read that correctly. It is likely to fetch one half of a billion dollars.

In 2003, this same firm salvaged 50,000 coins and other artifacts from the wreck of the SS Republic off of Savannah, Georgia.

The richest shipwreck to date was the find of the Spanish galleon, Neustra Senora de Atocha, which sank off the Florida Keys in 1622. That find brought an estimated $400 million in coins and plunder.

I have never found anything of monetary value. We've all heard stories of people finding gold or silver along a beach. Sometimes when I visit a beach I'll find pull tabs and pocket change. These aren't too valuable, but it is funny how these items are priceless treasures to young ones.

Yet it's interesting to think about these sunken treasures. Imagine other ships passing over this shipwreck, year after year, not knowing the treasure that lay beneath. They simply didn't know the treasure was there. If only they had known that the treasure was there they could have been much richer.

Today is Pentecost. On this day we celebrate the Holy Spirit that lives inside each one of us. The Holy Spirit certainly is our treasure. Yet many in this world never realize the treasure exists. They travel to and fro oblivious to the power of God in their lives. On this day, may we rejoice in the Holy Spirit and the life He gives.


David Hook

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