Jun 10, 2007

Vail Vision June 10, 2007

A wild ride...

In Paw Paw Michigan, a wheel-chair bound 21 year old man somehow got attached to the front grill of a semi trailer as the trailer was stopped to refuel at a gas station. The article did not say how, but the handles of the wheelchair became lodged in the grill of the truck.

After refueling, the trucker took off... with the wheelchair still attached to the front grill. The man was then taken on a harrowing ride! Motorists passing in the opposite direction noticed the man attached to the front of the truck and called the state police. At first the police thought they were crank calls, until several people responded. They dispatched troopers to hunt down and stop the truck. They found the trucker on the Red Arrow highway and pulled him over. The trucker was astounded to find out what was on the front grill.

The man appears to be unharmed. He said that he spilled his coke, but other than that, he was just a bit shaken.

This news account struck a chord with me because today at 1:00, I will be ordained and installed as the first Pastor of Christ Lutheran Vail. In many respects I feel like the young man in the wheelchair. During the whole year I spent with you as Vicar, I felt like a guy strapped to a truck being pushed along wherever you wanted to go.

But now you have become a bigger truck. And today as I step into this wheelchair attached to the front of your grill, I believe I'm about to be taken on the most thrilling ride of my life!

Strangely, I'm not panicked by this thought. Because this truck is dramatically different than the one in Paw Paw Michigan. This truck is full of excited people anxious to go where the truck is taking them. And this truck is being driven by a Truck Driver in complete control of the situation. He has mapped out the route with the latest in GPS technology and knows what gears to use and what speed to drive. And this truck will pick up a few passengers as we travel along.

I am honored today to make these vows to serve God and you. I look forward to this wild ride.


David Hook

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