Jun 17, 2007

Vail Vision June 17, 2007

A Big Thank You...

To all those who participated in the ordination service last week, I wish to thank you very much. It was a very special day for both me and my family. It was a joy that Pastor Michaelson, Pastor Marth and Pastor Stoterau could attend and be a part of the day. Pastor Marth has always held a very special place in my life and I am grateful that he could attend and preach at the service.

I am also grateful that Jennifer's Uncle, Lee Stocker, could attend. Uncle Lee is the brother of Jennifer's father, David Stocker who wrote the hymn, "Holy Spirit, be the Power... He also wrote the duet that Kyrie and Lydia sang.

Thank you to Randy Cochran and the praise band and Cathy Cmiel and the choir for your hard work in making music a special part of the day. I believe music is one of God's best and greatest gifts to mankind. You all did a great job.

Thank you to all those who helped with the food. Rick D'Eredita and his staff were instrumental in getting all the food prepared. Thanks to all who helped setup the tables and prepare the food. The most frequent compliment I heard all day was that the food was fabulous.

Thanks to all who helped setup and tear-down Cienega High School auditorium. Many people told me that it didn't feel like a high school auditorium. It felt like a church. I know many of you spent quite a bit of time making it that way. Thank you.

Thank you to my family for making the day such a special one. Thanks to John for acolyting, to Krista and my grandmother for reading, to Kyrie and Lydia for singing and to my much better half, Jennifer, for being such a wonderful wife and mother. How did you keep the duet a secret?

Thanks to my mother for hand-stitching the ordination stole. I know it took two years, but it is absolutely beautiful. I will treasure it forever.

Thanks to our families who were able to spend this special day with us. Thanks to old friends for reminding us of the eternal love we all have through Christ Jesus.

Thanks to Jeff Rohlwing who volunteered to lead worship today so that I might have a break before I hit the ground running.

Thanks to anyone I might have forgotten.

Mostly, thank you Jesus. Your death and resurrection from the grave forgives me of my sins. As I enter into this new chapter of my life as an ordained Pastor please continue to fill my life with your Spirit and grace. Please forgive me of the mistakes that I will make along the way. Help me to lead this congregation so that we can be a beacon of Your love and grace in Vail and beyond.


Pastor David Hook

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