Jun 3, 2007

Vail Vision June 3, 2007

A week of nostalgia...

Who planned this? Within just a two-week time period our family is moving, graduating one from eighth grade, graduating one from high school, one from seminary, and an ordination / installation. Today, as you read this, we are in Colorado at our sending congregation to say our thanks and goodbyes. Needless to say this is a time of joy at new opportunities and yet sadness as we say farewell to dear friends. For two weeks we have been overwhelmed with memories that come rushing back.

Memories are like that. Sometimes we hear a song or notice a scent that brings back strong memories of a person or a time or a place. If you think about it, memories are what make us who we are. Sometimes our memories can haunt us, yet we'd rather live with them than without them. One of the most tragic diseases of our time is that which eats away at a person's memory.

It's surprising what we remember. While listening to my daughter's eighth-grade graduation ceremony I was transported in time to my own eighth-grade graduation and our small class of about twenty kids that graduated from Christ Lutheran School in Phoenix, Arizona. I remembered playing ball and riding my bike to the mall to hang out with my friends. I was amazed at the memories that came flooding back.

It's like the wise lady who each year takes the best fruit of the tree and cans them and puts them down in the basement. Each year, the stock gets fuller and fuller. Then on the days when times are lean, she goes down to the basement and pulls out a jar of fruit and savors its contents. When I am having a bad day or things are going rough in my life, I can go down to the basement and pull out memories and savor them.

God's word is the same way. We read and study the Holy Scriptures and underline the interesting words and concepts and then we move on with our lives. Yet one day, when we are faced with a particularly challenging situation, we go down into the basement and pull out a scripture passage and we are comforted or encouraged or guided. It's surprising what comes back to us.

Next week is ordination and installation and the beginning of a whole new chapter of memories in our lives. I am excited that you will become a part of who I am. I am excited to begin the memories.


David Hook

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