Jul 15, 2007

Vail Vision July 15, 2007

Never give up...

Sprint Communications took a surprise move this week. Apparently some of their customers complain too much and they're getting the boot. In a story out of Jacksonville, Florida, Sprint Communications will terminate the contract with 1200 customers. The average customer calls customer service less than once a month. According to Sprint, these high-maintenance customers call customer service 40 to 50 times as much. It's a lot of calls!

I wonder if these people are really that unhappy with Sprint. Maybe they're just lonely. Sprint representatives are much cheaper than a therapist. Or maybe they're angry with Sprint. Calling customer service repeatedly would be a good way to irritate a phone company. Or, maybe the service really is that bad. In that case, Sprint's termination of the contract allowing these people to avoid the early-termination penalty is good for both parties.

I'd love to have a list of these people. If they're simply lonely we could tell them that Jesus is always near and invite them to become a part of our church family. There are certainly quite a few people in the world that fit in this category.

But this story points out the difference between this world and our loving Father in heaven. In Luke 18, Jesus tells a parable about the persistent widow. Daily she would approach the town Judge asking for justice. The judge finally gave in to the woman's pleas and granted her request. Luke writes, "Jesus told his disciples this parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up...

When we are like the persistent widow and come before God with our prayers, one thing we can be sure of “ He will never terminate our relationship. This relationship was bought and purchased “ not with silver and gold, but with the holy and innocent blood of our Savior, Jesus. For while Sprint might get annoyed with customers that bother them too much, our Father in heaven never does. Not only are nights and weekends free, but the rest of the week too.


Pastor David Hook

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