Dec 18, 2007

Peasall Sisters in Concert




In Concert

October 24, 2009 7:00 PM

Cienega High School Auditorium

Seating is limited.  Doors open at 6:30. 

In 1999, three sisters auditioned for parts in the Coen brothers’ movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? Although the filmmakers decided they didn’t look “pitiful enough” to play Depression-era characters onscreen, their voices were just what they were listening for. The sisters 6, 9, and 12, were chosen for the movie’s soundtrack and their career took flight. 

Talk about growing up in public. Over the past ten years, the Peasall Sisters—Sarah, 22; Hannah, 18; and Leah, 16; have earned GRAMMY and CMA Awards for their part in the blockbuster O Brother, Where Art Thou? movie and soundtrack, and performed at such esteemed venues as the Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall with the acclaimed Down From the Mountain tour. 

While the girls were debuting on the Grand Ole Opry in February of 2001, Bill Gaither was at home watching the show and invited the girls to be on his Church in the Wildwood program. That same year, the sisters formed a relationship with John Carter Cash, who would soon become their record producer. He also included the girls’ wonderful harmonies on two of his major projects over the next few years. The Peasall Sisters sing with EmmyLou Harris on the Carter Family tribute album, The Unbroken Circle, and also with Billy Bob Thornton and Brad Paisley on a project called Anchored in Love.

Sarah plays guitar, Hannah plays mandolin, and Leah plays fiddle. Their dad, Mike, plays upright bass.  For family-friendly shows, little brother Joseph joins in with electric guitar, and sister Emma will wow the crowd with her clogging!

The Peasall Sisters have released two CD’s: First Offering (2002) and Home to You (2005). They also have available a DVD called Family Harmony, and are busy writing new music for a soon-coming album.

Bluegrass, Americana, Gospel, & Country Music can be heard at a Peasall Sisters concert to bring enjoyment to music lovers of all ages.


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