Dec 18, 2007

Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Plan

Christ Lutheran Vail has completed the first  two phases  of our strategic planning process and we are well underway into phase three.


In  Phase  1, the  church completed  the TAG  survey.   The purpose of this survey was to determine how the congregation views our church.   The survey then normalizes the data against other churches to find areas of strengths and areas that may need some attention.   Then, small focus group meetings were held to verify the results of the survey and gather additional input from the congregation.   These results were compiled in a report by our consultant.


In Phase 2 we held a strategic planning retreat over a two-day period. At the end of this  retreat we had considered a new mission statement,  drafted core values, strategic objectives, and  a "target audience".  


We are currently underway with Phase 3.   In this phase, The results from  Phase 2 will  be refined and tested over the course of meetings that will be held in August-October, 2008.

We are working with Trevor Bron from TAG Consulting to assist us with the process. Kevin Ford, President of TAG Consulting, is the author of Transforming Church".


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