Dec 11, 2007

Welcome Ministry

Each Sunday, people walk through our doors who are not sure of who we are and what we believe. But one thing they are sure about is that we are a friendly congregation. In fact, visitors are always commenting about how welcoming our church is!

The welcoming ministry goes beyond just greeting people with a smile on Sunday morning and giving first-time visitors a free gift. The welcome ministry sets the tone for joy. People come to church for a lot of reasons. Some may be excited about the joys of the week and some may have sorrowful hearts from heavy burdens. But it is during our time together in worship where we will encounter Jesus Christ and give to Him all our joys and sorrows. We have confidence that God will increase every joy and will turn every sorrow to joy.

The welcoming ministry sets the tone for our visitor's first encounter with Christ Lutheran Vail. If you have a passion for sharing genuine concern and love for our visitors, contact Polly Phillips.

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