Dec 18, 2007

Youth Quake / Youth Zone

THE YOUTH QUAKE (7th 8th grade) and YOUTH ZONE (High School) event will be held in Phoenix January 9th 11th, 2009. Early registration must be completed by October 22nd. The cost this year is $130.00; a $40.00 deposit is required by Sunday, October 19th. (T-shirts are $12.00 if you want to purchase one.)


Those wishing to attend YOUTH ZONE (High School) need to contact Pam Bailey (721-8903) or Amanda Heyser (344-8418).


Those wishing to attend YOUTH QUAKE (7th 8th grade) need to contact Gina Downs (207-6353).


PERMISSION SLIPS need to be filled out, signed by your parents and notarized in order to continue participating in any church sponsored functions. Leslie Brekke will have the permission slips and Jeanne Lumia will be able to notarize them after church on October 12th, if needed.

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