Jan 31, 2008

Super Tuesday...

This Tuesday, February 5th, Arizona voters will choose delegates for the presidential nomination.   Almost half of the states in the union will hold primaries.   I have received many inquiries about the election process. To help you understand the relationship between politics and Christianity, I have put together these questions and answers.


Who should I vote for? Whoever you think is best.


Does the church endorse any candidate? No.


What does God want me to do? In a representative democracy, God wants to you become informed about the issues and vote as you see fit.   If you lived in a monarchy, He would want you to obey the Monarch.   Jesus said, "render to Caesar those things which are Caesar's and render to God those things which are God's.. (Matthew 22:21)


Doesn't the Bible say who to vote for? Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world.. (John 18:36).   Luther viewed politics within the realm of "Civic Righteousness...   We should do our best to vote for the right candidate, but voting doesn't make you right with God.   You are saved by the grace of Jesus alone.   Jesus wasn't a member of any political party.


Why don't you just tell us who to vote for? For one, politics is very personal.   I might have strong feelings about a particular issue and therefore vote for a candidate who holds the same position.   My issues and your issues could be vastly different.   Smart, well-informed, mature Christians could pick vastly different candidates.   But secondly, the Church is a non-profit organization and is not allowed to use their influence to select a particular candidate.   Third, it is Sunday and I haven't decided who I am voting for!


Is there someone we shouldn't vote for?   No.   Well... don't vote for someone who's dead.


Why is politics so messy?   Because we live in a fallen world.   All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.   Believe it or not, that includes politicians.


There you go.   I hope this answers any questions you have.   I pray that God would guide your decisions.



Pastor David Hook


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