Jan 26, 2008

The white deer...



The phone call arrived early in the morning. Sharon, a member of our congregation, had seen a white deer and it was headed my way. She lives just east of our house, so I knew that I should be on the lookout. For the next few hours, I kept glancing out of the window to see this remarkable creature. But soon the work of the day commanded more attention and I completely forgot about it.


Until later in the afternoon. I was talking to my wife, Jennifer, on the phone and happened to be staring out of the back window. There in the wash was the white deer! I immediately ran to the kitchen to get the camera, but the camera was gone. I searched everywhere for the camera all the while looking out the back door to keep an eye on the deer. I eventually came to the conclusion that the only way I would be able to capture a picture of the deer was with my phone, but by the time I figured out how to use the stupid thing, the deer was gone. The whole event was quite frustrating!


A white deer! In our backyard! There are several herds of white deer in the United States. A quick search on the internet revealed herds in Seneca County, New York, Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, and Mount Madonna County Park in California. There is even a town in Texas called White Deer. But there is no mention of a herd of white deer in Arizona. Yet here they are! (I just don't have pictures to prove it).


Maybe it's my scientific background, but I don't believe everything I read. I need to have proof. I received an email this week about an explorer who claimed to have found an Egyptian chariot in the Red Sea. Thinking that it would be a great article for the Vail Vision, I tried to verify the claim. It turns out that there are several inconsistencies in the claim. I need more evidence!


We have a desire for the truth. In fact, I believe that "The Truth.. has become the cottage industry of the 21st Century. Our kids today hear so many claims as "truth.. they don't know what to believe. I think that's why shows like "Mythbusters.. and websites like "snopes.com.. are so popular. They prove stuff.


Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!..


By the way, Howard and Sharon finally got a picture of the deer! They showed me on Sunday. I am so excited. Now everyone will have to believe us!



Pastor David Hook

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