Feb 13, 2008

Product Life Cycle...

Dick Phillips and I just finished a two-day conference presented by Church Solutions.   It's overwhelming to see all the new tools and products that have been developed to help churches become more effective.   From strategic planning, marketing, development and communications, churches across the United States are becoming very business savvy.


It brings back memories of the Product Life Cycle curve.   This curve shows how at the beginning of a product's life, prices are high and sales are low.   At the end of a product's life, prices are low and sales are high.   The seminar demonstrated all sorts of new and exciting technologies for the church.   Yet many are still in the high cost, low sales portion of the curve.   It might be several years before the market share increases and costs become reasonable.


I believe the Product Life Cycle theory. I have seen numerous examples of market share increasing and prices plummeting.   Just look at the incredibly low price of today's computers.   In India they have developed the world's cheapest automobile, the Tata Nano. This vehicle will sell for $2500.   A recent article in the London Times reported about a new cell phone on the market that will retail for $20!


There are also examples of low sales, high cost.   Did you know that soon you will be able to take a space flight on the Virgin Galactic.   It's only $200,000!   (We need to talk before you embark...)


Does the Product Life Cycle curve work for all products?   Church sociologists say that the average life of a congregation is 50 years.   They opine that during that time, if a church does not reinvent itself, it will die.   I have seen many examples of this, so this quite possibly could be true.


But what happens to the Product Life Cycle curve when the price is free? Does the theory hold up? "Ah, nothing is free.., you say.   "Everything has a cost...   Well, actually, there is one truly free product that is available to every human being living on the world today.   It really is free.   No strings attached!   It is the forgiveness of sins offered freely by the Christ, our Lord.


We should use every technology that we can to get the word out!



Pastor David Hook


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