Mar 30, 2008

I read it on Wikipedia so it must be true...

In case you don't know, Wikipedia is an online web-based information database. Supposedly, it is self-correcting because people may challenge the original authors. But even the internet can (gasp!) be incorrect.


The internet has sparked a whole new way of doing business. For example, Craigslist is an on-line garage sale. If you have something to sell, you can list it for free on Craigslist. If you want to buy something, you might be able to find it on Craigslist. When we moved from Missouri to Tucson, we needed many moving boxes. I purchased several dozen used boxes on Craigslist. Instead of paying $2-3 per box, I was able to get 100's for about $20. While here in Tucson, I have already sold a few items on Craigslist. Each transaction went fairly smooth.


But apparently Craigslist isn't foolproof. Here's a case in point: In Jacksonville, Oregon, Robert Salisbury was driving home when he noticed people driving the opposite direction with what looked like his stuff. He stopped a truck that was loaded down with his work ladders, lawnmower and weed eater. He asked what was going on. It turns out that someone had pulled a vicious prank on the man. They had posted a listing on Craigslist that said that Robert was moving quickly and all his earthly belongings were "free for the taking... When he got home he found people milling about his house picking through his stuff. Even when he explained it was a hoax, the people weren't convinced. "It was posted on the internet. It must be true...


No. The internet isn't always true. I am afraid for this whole generation of people who are growing up believing everything they read on the internet. We must be diligent. We must check the facts. The internet is just a means of communication. Evil still exists.


Jesus once said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free... I used to think that most people wanted to know the truth. As I get older, the cynical side of me thinks that people simply want to know what's convenient.


Jesus loves you! Convenient or not, that's the truth.



Pastor David Hook

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