May 17, 2008

Expelled part three...

This Vail Vision continues our series on the theological questions raised by Ben Stein's documentary, Expelled: No intelligence allowed.

Can science and religion exist together?

One of the main beliefs of atheism is that science and religion are polar opposites.   The atheist Richard Dawkins wants to wipe out Christianity and all religions because he believes they are counter to science.   In his belief, if a scientist also believes in God, he is being an intellectual coward.   Dawkins says, "Why believe in God, when Darwin has explained how things came to be much more elegantly?..

Atheists will also say that a belief in God will cloud a scientist's ability to do science.   Atheists are adamant that there are some branches of science, molecular biology for one, that simply cannot be explained except through evolutionary theory.   Therefore, if you are a Christian and a molecular biologist, you are trying to live in two worlds that simply cannot exist together.   You are an intellectual coward.

But what about the thousands and thousands of Christian scientists who advance science every day?   Some of the greatest scientists throughout time were Christian.   Were they intellectual cowards?

No, this is a straw man argument.   One does not need to believe that evolution created the patterns of molecular biology.   One can explain the patterns through intelligent design.   The statement that patterns exist says nothing about who or what process created them.   That becomes a philosophical or theological argument.   In fact, this movie is setting out to destroy the myth that science and religion are two ends of a spectrum.

I believe that science and religion are on the same end of the spectrum with God on the other end.   I believe that science and religion can work together to reveal the truth.   Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free...   Is it possible that some day science will prove that there is a God?

Science and Christianity cannot work together when people like Dawkins are trying to keep them separate.

Pastor David Hook

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