Jun 7, 2008

Laboring for Christ

In Jerusalem you can take a tour through Hezekiah's tunnel.   It is a narrow passageway connecting the pool of Siloam with the Gihon Spring. It was constructed 700 years before Christ to allow the city to have access to water during a siege.


The most remarkable aspect of this tunnel is not in the quality of the workmanship, but in the in the way it was formed.   One crew started at the upper end and one crew started at the lower end.   Both crews slowly chiseled through the rock towards each other.   Remarkably, the two crews met in the middle.   What makes this story even more amazing is that this was centuries before the invention of survey equipment.   They could have been off side to side or up and down.


The workers were so overjoyed with this accomplishment they erected a commemorative marker engraved with the story.   The marker, written in ancient Hebrew, is on display in a museum in Istanbul.   It is one of the oldest extant Hebrew inscriptions.


Unfortunately, the work crews may have never seen the benefit of the tunnel.   They may have died years before it was actually used to protect the city during a siege.   Yet they built it anyway knowing someday it would protect future generations.   That's a vision for the future!


As we plan for the future of Christ Lutheran Vail and ask for God's guidance to lead us in the right direction, we are much like these work crews.   We know He wants us to grow His church, but we don't want to chisel in the wrong direction.   We could go miles and miles and miles and never break through the tunnel.


But scholars are now saying that the tunnel may have been successful because of an existing fault line that was guiding the path of the workers from both ends.   As long as they followed that path, they were destined to meet in the middle.   We too have a line that will guide our way - the Holy Spirit.   When we pray for wisdom God will always grant it.   The Holy Spirit will direct our paths and guide us as we complete the tunnel.   Someday we will break through and rejoice at what God has done.


May God grant us strength for the labor ahead.



Pastor David Hook


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