Jul 6, 2008

The high price of gas...

I must admit, I am not too happy about the high price of gasoline.   Living in Vail means that a round trip to the Fry's is 17 miles.   Fortunately, this isn't an every day event.   Soon we will have a Walgreens up the street and that will help quite a bit.   Although I am not sure if the Walgreens will sell chocolate.   This is a basic food group at the Hook house.


I have been trying to think of ways to get better gas mileage.   I have heard about people who have modified their driving techniques to get better gas mileage.   It is a technique called "Hyper-miling...   One of the methods is to drive closely behind large semi-trucks on the freeway.   In other words, you drive so close to the vehicle in front of you that the wind vortex pulls you along.   That must be what people are doing who drive behind me on Mary Ann Cleveland Way.   They're just trying to save the environment.   And here I was thinking evil thoughts about them for tailgaiting.   My bad.


Another technique is to drive through stop signs and not come to a complete stop.   Well, I've been doing that for years.   The next time I drive through a stop sign, I hope the police officer knows about hyper-miling.   It might help my defense.   I understand that the optimum speed for fuel performance is 55 to 60 miles per hour.   Is anyone up for changing the speed limit on Mary Ann Cleveland Way to 60?


Actually, I've been trying to convince Jennifer that a Harley Davidson gets really good gas mileage.   I'm sure none of you would mind if I came to visit in full leather.


There is actually one area where the high price of gas doesn't have that great of an impact.   That area is in loving your neighbor.   There are people on your block that are dealing with all kinds of problems and we are called to be good neighbors.   You don't even have to get in your car.   Maybe this fourth of July weekend you could get to know some of these people.


In heaven we won't drive cars.   We won't need to get anywhere that fast.   We'll have bodies that won't wear out and all the time in the world.   Getting there will be just as fun as the destination.   Until then we'll have to suffer with high gas prices and crazy drivers.  



Pastor David Hook


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