Jul 19, 2008

Wise man from the east...

Fountain of Life in Tucson has a new senior pastor.   His name is Jeffrey Skopak and we had a wonderful lunch last week.   He is from Manhattan or Long Island or somewhere in New York.   Even though he is a New Yorker, I didn't find him too abrasive.   He also didn't speak with that nasally New York or New Jersey accent that you hear on the Sopranos.   He seemed to be a regular guy.


He was a bit late because he had trouble finding a cab to the Del Lago restaurant.   I guess after waiting for about two hours at Kolb and Speedway he decided to drive.


I wonder what people think of when they move to the desert.   Just think about it.   We have the largest population of venomous creatures in the world.   We have snakes, gila monsters, scorpions and homeowner association boards.   Well, the last group isn't exactly venomous.   They just keep writing nasty letters about my weeds.   Hey, is it my fault that my labor force has homework each night?


I wonder if people are surprised to learn that there are many kinds of cacti.   I think of the snow analogy. Eskimos have many different words for snow depending upon what kind of snow it is:   wet, dry, new, old, glacier “ you name it, they have a word for it.   We just call it snow.   People from back east read about cacti but they probably don't realize that we have saguaros, chollas, prickly pears, and barrel cacti.   And by the way, it's cacti, not cactuses.


It must also seem strange to see all the riverbeds and washes without any water.   Here in Tucson we don't need grass.   Some people paint their rocks green to give that Midwestern flavor. Pastor Skopack has a greyhound dog named Penny.   He took her outside to do her duty and she took one look at the green rocks and gave him that look, "You've got to be kidding me...


We only have two seasons:   "Really nice outside.. and "it's only a dry heat...     Pastor Skopack arrived in June so he got quite a bit of "It's only a dry heat...   He said other than his skin falling off, he doesn't mind the low humidity.


Pastor Skopack also noticed other differences.   For example, selling a home in New York requires a decision by the Supreme Court.   Our theater district is a bit smaller.


But one thing that is the same is that Jesus loves people from New York and New Jersey and Arizona.   The gospel is for all of them.   Even the very late cab drivers in east Tucson.   Where are you guys?



Pastor David Hook


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