Aug 30, 2008

Check your tags

 As I sit here writing this, my wife has gone into the city for the day.   I feel very guilty.   In the pile of papers next to the keyboard is an envelope from the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division.   A note on the envelope says, "Registration and Plate Tab...   I believe it contains the little tabs that you put on the upper right or lower left hand corner of the rear license plate.   They have been on my desk for about a month.


Now you may question why they are not on my wife's car.  

Well for starters, she is gone most of the day and when she gets home the last thing I want to do is put tabs on the car.   Secondly, the little buggers are hard to put on correctly.   You have to clean the area and wait for it to dry.   With as much rain that we've had, I am not sure it will dry. Third, my back hurts when I bend down so low.   Fourth, well, you get the idea.   Basically, I am just a procrastinator.   I am absolutely confident that after I write this article, I will put the tags back on the pile of papers on my desk and get to it when I get to it.   I mean, hey, I already paid the money, what can they do?


Well I guess I should be glad I don't live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   Peter Tubic has a van that is sitting in the driveway without tags.   The fine for this is $50.   Tubic has not paid the fine.   So the City has kept adding to the fine.   The fee is now up to $2600.   Tubic still has not paid.


You can imagine the City of Milwaukee wants their money. So they put a lien on Tubic's house and this week foreclosed on it.   According to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, after they sell the house Tubic will start paying rent...   unless a new owner kicks him out.   Then Tubic and his van will be out on the street collecting fines again.   The article pointed out that Tubic has been on physical and mental disability since 2001.   My guess it's stress from all those little envelopes from the City of Milwaukee.


Now this may seem harsh, but again, the law is the law.   According to the City's attorneys, if they show lenience in this case it will destroy the whole system.   Scripture says the same thing about God's law.   In James 2:10 it says, "For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it...   How many times in our lives have we forgotten to "put on the tabs..?  


There is One who has saved us from all this.   When Satan tries to come to foreclose on our lives, Jesus will stand in the driveway and say, "Not this one.   I have paid the fines.   You have no rights here.   In fact, I have paid off the house and given it to them forever...


I promise that before Christmas, I'll get the tags on the car.   I just hope it's soon enough.   The sad thing is that Jennifer doesn't even know the tags are on my desk.   If she gets a ticket... anyone got a spare room?



Pastor David Hook

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