Aug 21, 2008

Father, Creator

Father, Creator, Word into darkness
Forth then from nothing, everything made
Blossoming flowers, sunrise and new life
Afternoon showers, ocean and glade.

Word of the Father at the beginning
Salvation's story, created then
Bethlehem's baby, Galilee's story
Calvary's slain He's risen again!

Spirit of Love brings Word to our living
Faith at our waking, peace in the night
Joy in our crying, strength in our peril
Comfort in dying, ever in sight

Ever before us, Word leading onward
Ever beside us, Word lending aid
Ever behind us, Word pushing forward
In us and through us, ever has stayed.

Father, Creator
Words by David Hook
A hymn to the tune, Bunessan (Also known as "Morning has Broken"]
Copyright 2006, David Hook

This hymn won second place in the 2006 Prevalet Memorial Hymn Writing Contest.

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