Aug 15, 2008

How do I become a member of your church?

Membership implies a "country club" mentality.   In the New Testament, the word for Church means "the called out ones".   In other words, all believers are members of the church that Christ began.   When you are in a relationship with Jesus Christ, you join together with all other believers across the world and throughout time to form the church.


We see our church more of a bootcamp.   We are here to assist you to go into the world and live your Christian faith in the midst of struggles, hardships, tempations and sin.   To prepare for this mission we encourage you to attend worship, get involved with other Christians, study the Bible and live your faith.


However as local congregation, we do have a governing body who govern the congregation.   This "voting membership" is conferred on those who are baptized, profess a Christian faith, have studied and are in agreement with our church's beliefs, and who have signed a membership covenant.   This voting membership allows one to vote at the annual or special meetings.   At the annual meeting, members vote  to approve the budget and to  elect the Board of Ministry Directors.   A special meeting might be called to approve a specific budget or to vote on the purchase of land or property.   Full details are found in our church constitution.   This membership process requires several meetings where you will learn:

  • Our   beliefs and statement of faith.
  • Our  mission.
  • Your spiritual giftedness, calling or vocation.
  • Our membership covenant.

These meetings are held throughout the year.

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