Aug 21, 2008

Killing two birds with one stone...

Do you ever have a light bulb moment-   a moment when various streams of thought enter your brain at the same time and you yell, "Eureka..?   It would have been fun to be in the room when Einstein, Newton and Edison all reached their "Eureka!.. moments in life.   Well I had a Eureka moment this week.


Earlier in the week two separate news accounts caught my attention.   The first was a story out of Beijing.   Apparently a group of American Christians had 315 Bibles confiscated as they entered the country to watch the Olympics.   Since China is an avowed Atheistic country, the distribution of Bibles is controlled by the government.   Bibles are only allowed in some government-sanctioned churches and hotels catering to Americans.   Since the Bibles were printed in Chinese, the customs officer confiscated them.



In an interview with the Associated Press, the Chinese customs officials confirmed that they had confiscated the Bibles.   However, they said they are only "watching over them.. until the group of Christians leaves the country.   The Bible distribution organization called Vision Beyond Borders said they will not leave the airport until the Bibles are returned.  


The second news story came from halfway around the world.   Police in the Bosnian prison of Zenica arrested a carrier pigeon for smuggling drugs into a high-security jail.   When inmates were tested positive for drug use, the prison officials began to investigate how this was possible.     After some top-notch investigative research the officials determined that a carrier pigeon was the drug smuggler.   Apparently someone was tying little packets of drugs to the pigeon's legs and allowing them to fly into the jail.     That's sneaky!


Now these may seem like two totally unrelated news stories.   But my Eureka moment came this week as I was reflecting about MY pigeon population problem.   You see when we moved into our house we had a tiny flock of around a dozen pigeons.   But over time the whole pigeon population of Vail has decided to reside on our rooftop.   There are so many we can't even count them.   The upside to this whole affair is that if we ever have a food shortage, we can have pigeon stew until Jesus comes.   The downside is that they have scared all of the other birds away.   Also the top of our roof looks like a gingerbread with the white "icing...  


So here's my Eureka.   Each of you needs to come by our house and pick up a pigeon.   I will provide you with scripture verses in any language you want.   You are then to tie the scripture verse to the pigeon's legs and then take it to the border of a foreign country “ hopefully China “ and let the pigeon go.   If you do this, you will be blessed.


But even if you can't come by and get a pigeon, you can still share the word of God.   People in every nation and every tongue need to hear the good news of Jesus.   God's word is so important for this world.   That is why organizations like Vision Beyond Borders exist.   I applaud them for risking persecution to share God's Word to a nation who so desperately needs it.   May we be so motivated that we would risk persecution to share God's word here in Vail.   And if you need a pigeon, just ask.



Pastor David Hook


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