Aug 21, 2008



This section provides a brief summary of things that are helpful for visitors to know.


Worship is a blended style. This means that we incorporate both traditional and contemporary musical styles in our Sunday morning worship. The church services follows an order of service which has been carefully crafted to bring both traditional and contemporary elements to worship. Here is a typical worship outline:
  • Opening praise songs sung by the band
  • Welcome and sharing of the peace
  • Opening Hymn - both old and new
  • Confession / Absolution - We believe that worship follows from what Christ has first done for us.
  • Kyrie - corporate invocation that God bless this church.
  • Prayer of the Day - corporate prayer for the Church
  • Old Testament, New Testament, Gospel reading with Gospel Acclamation
  • A spoken corporate confession of faith
  • Children's Sermon - a brief synopsis of the adult message that relates to the kids. Kids of all ages are welcome. A small object gift is usually handed out.
  • Sermon Hymn - Old and New
  • Sermon
  • Offering
  • Prayers
  • Communion (1st and 3rd Sundays of the month)
  • Benediction
  • Closing Hymn


Many people ask, "Do you have a children's church?" Our answer is quite simply, "Of course! - it's called Sunday morning worship." In a time when families barely have enough time to do all the things that need to get done in a week, we don't believe that we should further separate the family for worship on Sunday morning. We strive to make worship a time that all the family can participate in. We therefore incorporate quite a few elements into the worship service that make it friendly for families with small children.

  • Repetitive elements - We know that children pick up early on repetitive elements of the worship service that are done each week. This includes the Kyrie, creeds, and Lord's prayer. We have found that repetitive elements help young readers and pre-readers to participate in the service.
  • Children's Message - Our children's messages are quite enjoyable for the kids (and adults!) Most times, we provide the child with a small gift that helps them to remember the message. We have found that children can't wait for Sunday morning.
  • Play area - We provide a small play area in the back for those kids that are having a bad day. Parents can use this area and still participate in the worship service.
  • Short sermons Our messages are usually around 15 minutes in length. We find that this is plenty of time to get the main point of the text across. Our in-depth Bible studies provide opportunity to dig deep into the text and provide a forum for questions and answers.
  • Short worship service. The worship service is usually completed within a 60 minute time period.


We believe that people should spend some time in self-examination prior to receiving the Lord's Supper. Our church has a self-examination policy for communion. In other words, we ask you to prepare privately and individually. If you agree with our statement of faith, you are encouraged to join us for communion.

We offer both common cup and individual cup for communion.

We know that there are some people who, for dietary or medical reasons, require non-alcoholic wine. The red wine is alcoholic and the white wine in the center of the communion tray is alcohol-free.

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