Sep 13, 2008

Apple of my eye...

"Hello I'm a Mac...   " ... and I'm a PC...   The Apple commercials are really quite funny.   If you haven't seen them, there is a stuffed shirt PC touting all the boring things that PCs can do.   Then there's the Keanu Reeves look-alike touting all the cool things Apple Macintosh computers can do.   The commercials are a parody of the computing world.   The PC guy is constantly dealing with system reboots, a slow operating system, programming errors and poor user interface.   The Mac guy talks as if his computer never has problems.   I wouldn't' know, I've always used Windows.


I have always been a Microsoft user.   Mostly because when I was an engineer all of the software was written for DOS and Windows.   Nothing was available on Apple computers.   In fact I would have loved a different operating system.   DOS has a 640K limit.   This was a huge problem.   But the only other available system was UNIX and no software designer was going to subject users to that!


I don't think anyone in the eighties knew the power and potential of computers.   I remember my first computer in 1986 had a 10 megabyte hard drive and I couldn't image why anyone would ever need more than that.   Now you can get 10 megabytes on a happy meal toy.


But is there something to Apple's claim? The Mac guy is quick to point out that the vast majority of college students use Apple computers.   I wonder.   Do college students like Apple computers because they are superior or because they are cool?   Is this just a clever marketing blitz because really deep down all computers are the same?  


When I talk to Apple computer users they are unanimous.   Macintosh is a superior product.   It never hangs up, there are few, if any errors, and most importantly, it is designed for today's graphics-driven users.   If that's true, Windows is in trouble.   I believe they have to completely reinvent themselves if they don't want to become obsolete.   Maybe that's why Bill Gates retired last month.   He was always a good predictor of the future.


This has implications for the church.   We have the most awesome message to tell the world.   Jesus is the answer to their problems.   How are we going to deliver that message?   What methods of communication can compete with the internet, television, i-pods, game systems, and yes, computers?   When you look at the "I'm a Mac.. commercials, which person do you think our world sees as the church?   Is that a problem?


These are the issues we will struggle with as we continue building this church.   I pray that God will lead us in His direction.   I pray that we diligently study His word and constantly pray for wisdom.   May it never be said that we hung on to PCs when the world moved to Macintosh and people were eternally lost because of it.



Pastor David Hook

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