Sep 18, 2008

Board of Ministry Director - Secretary

Christ Lutheran Vail

Volunteer Job Description

Position Title: Board of Ministry Directors - Secretary Position

Responsible to: Congregation

Key Objective:  Enable the Great Commission to flourish in Vail, Arizona


Average Time Commitment:

10 hours per week


Length of Service: 2 years

Qualifications: Voting member of Christ Lutheran Vail

General Duties (Required for all volunteers): 1. Attend all volunteer meetings.2. Discuss any questions with supervisor.3. Arrange for coverage when needed with supervisor.4. Attend trainings on the position and related subjects as offered.    

Specific Duties for the Position:


1. Take minutes of all meetings/special meetings.

2. Maintain copies of all minutes.

3. Disseminate minutes to all BOMD and Pastor in a timely manner.

4. Oversee other committees as assigned:

    a. Altar Guild

    b. Adult Bible Study


Training/Resources Available:    


Measure of Success:          





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