Sep 18, 2008

Board of Ministry Directors - President

Christ Lutheran Vail

Volunteer Job Description

Position Title: Board of Ministry Directors - President

Responsible to: Congregation

Key Objective: Chair Board of Ministry Directors Meetings

Leading congregation in the functioning of Christ Lutheran Vail Church

Be a good steward of church monies


Average Time Commitment: 10 to 15 hours a week


Length of Service: 2 years

Qualifications: Flexibility, Leadership skills, Delegation

General Duties (Required for all volunteers): 1. Attend Church services2. Attend all Board of Ministry Directors Meetings

3. Provide Pastor support

Specific Duties for the Position:

1. Prepare agenda for BOMD meetings

2. Prepare agenda for congregational meetings

3. Prepare letters to congregation for information and meetings

4. Lead BOMD meetings

5. Lead congregational meetings

6. Live a Christ centered life

7. Put up church banners on Saturday morning - remove same on Sunday evening.

8. Review stage on Sunday morning to see how set up will be.

9. Make sure all portable storage boxes and carts are useable - repair as necessary.

10. Advise Cienega which  rooms used each Sunday

11. Check monthly bill

12. Notify Cienega on any changes in our use of Cafetorium

13. Contact person of any changes or problems from Cienega High School.

14. Ensure all church items are removed from cafetorium and class rooms before locking up mini storage and gray cabinet.

15. Place placards on each Sunday School room on first and third Sundays.

16. Make sure a restroom is available for Sunday Morning

17. Appoint chair person for area activities; Vail Pride Day, Vail Days, Religious Luncheons, committees, etc.


Training/Resources Available:          


Measure of Success:          






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